Early Letters by Terre Hauteans


Letter from William F. Hall
to George Washington Bennett

September 1, 1833

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          Honey Creek—Sept the 1 1833 

Dear friend your letter of the 27 came
to hand on the 20th of Nov.  I was verry happy
to hear of your safe arrival at Natchez. also
of your good health and being in good spirits—
a man can allways enjoy him self when he has
acontented mind , but as for my part I cannot
say that I am contented here I have often
wish’t that I had went with you, but as
it is I shall endevour to content myself the
best way I can~ I had several chills after you
left but I have since gained my health so that
I am about as weighty as I was last winter~
I have been building aboat and as soon as
there comes a rise in the river I shall be
ready to start for the lower country~
you wish’t that I would pay avisit to
hoosier hill and give your love to the widow



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the widow is living in town at present with
your sister, but as it hapend I had some business
in town and I cald, and I spoke of hearing
from you.  and I was surprised to see
the alteration in the widows countenance.  I told
her that you had sent a consoling word to her
but she would not belive it.  and I told her
I would convince her of the fact at som other time~
As for that letter you spoke of I have never heard
any more of it  only Glen says that he has had
seviral hints of it and from what he can understand
you have wrote some thing in it about him that
displeases him verry much, Glen has not [doubled?]
him self yet but there is some sines for he is
going to building a house tomorrow, Glen still
pays his visits to our folks on the hill and the
old woman makes more fun than ever behind
his back, there is no knowing what it will turn out to bee
  yet a bee or a hornet but it will sting no doubt~


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I saw your father the other day he is in good health
and is teaching the school in our district~
it has got to be verry healthy again in our
part of the country,   father Denton wanted
 me to remind you of writing to him something
 concerning that note which he holds against Boman, 

I want you to write to me again as soon as you
 receive this and let me know the price of produce~
   I have nothing more to write at presant— 

      Yours with Respect—William F. Hall


William Bloxans has wrote aletter to Davis Boman
 and you should see that he gets it


Address Information


[written vertically on back of last page]

           Mr G. W. Bennett

[written horizontally in left hand corner     25
Honey Creek [In?]
Dec 5th 1833



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.