Early Letters by Terre Hauteans


Letter from FR Bennett
to George Washington Bennett

Dec. 18, 18??

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                       Terre haute Dec. 18 18[rest of date torn off]

My Son
      Your Favour of the 24 [?] Came
to hand this day which gave me
much Satisfaction to hear of your good
health and well doing for which we
Should at all time be thankfull to the
giver of all good for the many Blessings we
receive from time to time at his hand I
am thankfull to Inform you again
my health continues good als the heal[torn off]
of our Family Generally our little busi[torn off]
in Terre haute in the Grocery line is stile
fair Very fair according to the manner in
which under present circumstances we
have to buy our Stock we have to pay
high prices for Every Asrticle we buy
with few exceptions we purpose going
on in this way untile Haynes come
down and returns we have some corn
and a few  hundred Bushels of oats corn
is worth from 16 to 20 c Delivered pork I
is not as good as it was last season from
1.50 to 2.75 it requires good pork to realize
the latter price



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  flour is worth 4.00 [per?] Bls[Bushel?] Wheat 50 c and
not plentty we have not determined yet whether
to run a blended Load or all corn except
the oats not more than 6 or 700 Bushels
if the river does not runt Between this and
first Feb.y it is probable we will bring some
Flour and whisky and perhaps pork if
we run two boats Jordan comtemplates
runing a load of Corn  Jefferson has the
Mill in operation hea hs attached a [Griss?]
mill to it and if the dam Stand may
do a fair business there has nothing trans
pire of Consequence Since my last I [?]
your favour to Jordan which was the
first he received from you.
  Your attention to business a faithful
discharge of duty in whatever is commoited
to your charge and Integrity to truth Sobrie
ty in habit reserve in association perse-
verance to Improve your mind and treasure up use
full knowledge are the unshaken fellows
of Wisdom and may God grant you strenth to
to hold him fast is the sincere prayer of your Father
                                                      FR Bennett


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