Early Letters by Terre Hauteans


Letter from F. F. Robbins
to Henry Warren

December 16, 1849

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                               Terre Haute Dec. 16th 1849
  Dear Henery
                          I now avail myself of the
opportunity of writing you a few lines to let
you know that I am well at present and hope
you are the same.  I saw Charley not long since
and he said that your mother aunt [eliza?] and
the children were well. I am now in town going to school
I have been to the farm for the last two weeks
and while I was there we made cider and I caught
my thumb in the mill and it liked to have
taken my whole hand of which I think will
learn me to be more cautious when I go about
any such thing again  this is the reason why
I have not written to you before.  We are now living
in the new house enjoying our selves first rate
Mr. Day is occupying the other house I think
that I shal like Bedell first rate.  Grand father
bought [me?] a new rifle worth $ 15 but I have not
 had very good luck in killing the [prairie?] hens
but I hope I Schal have better hereafter-Terre Ha
is pretty lively just at this time.  Pork is from
$2 to $2=25 cts –per hundred pound.  There has
been several canal boats down as far as Mr [Early’s?]



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[?] house for the breaks have kept then from
comeing down any farther.  Frank and I have gathered
10 acres of corn since you left—There is going to be
a telegraph in town which I think will [sturup?]
the place a little Ruphus Houghton and Isaac Caltron
are publishing a paper called the tornado the price
is 20 cts for eight coppies  Thre was a sad accident
happened last thursday was a week  May Birum
the woman that took Mrs Chamber lains child to
raise  had been on a visit with the child  and her daughter
and on comeing home the horse took fright and rand
away and threw her out of the buggy and killed
her instantly.~ Col Blake was Buried last friday
It is generally healthy in town Mr Zacharaia Gapin
died last friday night and was buried saturday.
I have had two or three skates on the ice and had
a good deal of fun one night about fifteen of us
Boys went down on the canal and skated there
till about 9 o clock.  And now I want you to write and
tell me all about them bully skates that you
was telling me about.  Tom Long and the rest
of the Boys are all well and would like to see
you and would like to know when you are
coming home  And now I gu es tha it is


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  about time fore me to bring my short epistle
to a close.  Ec cues all of my blunders   So good by write soon
and I sha endeavor to answer your next sooner
                                                   From your affectionate friend
                                                                           F F Robbins


Address Information


[written vertically on back of page]
Mr. Henery Warren 

  [Stamp]  Terre Haute, Dec. 1[?]   Cincinnati [?]



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