Early Letters by Terre Hauteans


Letter from F. R. Bennett
to George Washington Bennett

October 15, 1834

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                        Terre haute oct 15 1834

My Dear Son your letter Dated Sept 15 came  
to hand the 5 Inst which I received with gratitude
as it was the first I had received Since you parted
with me in a low state of health  But through
mercy I have recovered my health and Injoy
it well at present there has been a great deal
of Sickness in our county this season and several
deaths  Martha has lost her little Mary ann in
July James Leathers wife died afew weeks past
Jefferson and his wife has both had aspell of
Sickness and have recovered Sytha has another
[Son?] afew days since and is doing well
G Jordan and Family have all had a severe
turn of Chills & fevers But have all recovered
all most Every Family in the Settlement
have been more or less sickly the Citizens in
Terre haute have Injoyed better health this sea
son than ususal
  My Son I am highly Gratified to hear of
your well doing and wish you all the
prosperity that your faithfull discharge
of Duty merits which if you continue



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will Rank you among thre first men in
the union and I trust you will allways let
your tongue Speak the thoughts of your heart
in Every Important matter  I am I [-laynes?] in
in the Grocery line and we are doing a fair
business But we pay so high for groceries here
our profits are not Very Great we expect to
run one or two boats as Early as the water
will admit we dont know what will be
the loading share I think our loading
will be most Corn Jordan will run
one or two Loads of Corn if nothing
unseen prevents he has not collected
his money for his load he sold on the
Rapid But there is aprobability of his
giting it Shortly I wish you at the
of these to write Immediately and
give me a concise Statement of [pros--
below and at the Receipt of you
I will say more in answer Immediately
Your [Loving?] Father  F R Bennett


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[Address is written vertically on last page as follows]

Terre Haute In
   Oct 17. 1834     

          Mr. G W Bennett
              Natchez Mississipi



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