Early Letters by Terre Hauteans


Letter from H. Warren
to C. Warren

November 12, 1856

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                  Terre Haute Nov 12th 1856

                Dear Brother,
                                       I suppose you have been
waiting paciently for me to write you.  But I have
been buisy writing for Uncle Levi in the Branch. Bank
for Some time, and have, put off writing to you until
now,  There is nothing much going on at present,  There
has been several parties given to Mr& Mrs Beach
Since there return from the East, One at Judge D,
another at Mr Crawfords and a third at Mr
Buntins, I had the honor of a bid at all of them
but as I am not, much of a party goer I did
not attend any of them, There is to be 2 Festivals
in the city in a short time, Methodist & Episcople
Father sent for [Bay?] last week, as he had a good
oportunity to get him a permanent situation
in a Dry Goods store exclusavily, No Books nor shoes
Hats nor caps,  It is a New Store under the Nation-
-al Hotel on the corner The firm is Rice Edsal & Co
They give him $100 the first year 200 the next Bay
is very much pleased with the situation, They opened
on last Tuesday,  Their sales to day amounted to over
300 dollars, They are both very gentalmany men
                     I seen [Castle?] on last Sunday at.
the Episcople Church she looks well, I have not
been down to see her for more than a year
But under the circumstances, If report be true
I consider it my duty to call on her, at least once



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before I call her sister,   The cat is out of the bag
Charles acknowledge the [cor?], Joe Blake is very
much take with Nanny, the report is that they
are going to, share each others joys & sorrows
Success to them both, But as to [Him?] He has been
greatly disapointed he must hearafter, Eat the
bread of affliction & drink of the waters of sorrow
But remembering his suffering may she forget
his faults,
               Gregory [Bedele?] & Miss Lizzie Blake I
understood are soon to be united in the Holy Bonds
of Matrimony, if so may she be a comfort to him
in his old age,  Tis also reported that, Geo [Day?] &
Miss Sue Gookins, are at some future day
to be one,  if So
        May the both live longer than I have time to tell there years
        Love and loving may their rule be
       And when old time shall bring them to their Ends
         May He & She [fill?] up one monument,
                                           Rea Ross is still in Milwaky
he is getting 400 a year in an Express office [&?]
Grover has gone to Kankakee he is getting 150 daollars a year
Sam is still at Riply & Donaldsons,
         I expect to go over to Dick Doles farm some
time this week, to stay this winter for 8 dollars a
month, just [1/8?] part of what a congress-man gets
            Bily [Houghton?] died about 3 weeks since
No other deaths I believe since among your


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acquaintances,  There has been no fines of late except
the [?] House, and I suppose you heard all
about it.  Sarah Wood has returned home she looks
well and Ithink quite handsom  Mr dungan is ome what
smiten with her, at least he goes there about 2[ce?] a week
              I was out to see L last week she was quite well she
sends her best respects,  Tell Miss Fannie C her folks
are quite well her mother was over to our house &
took [?] last Friday Eve, Give her my Love if you
please, I suppose you have not heard that her & I were
on rather intimate terms say nothing about it, it
is to be Kept Secret,  Have you heard from Miss
McCormic since you left home or miss Mc of
Rockville,  How are you pleased with Miss Flag
I heard Frank Crawford was some-what taken
with her,                 The City is finly li ted with
Gass and looks fine,  It is a very great improvement
on tallow candles  Mr Jewett returned home,
a week ago last Saturday his health is greatly improved
he preached last Sunday week,
                                            There was a young     
gentleman left at Mr Harry Rossís about a
month Since,  Mrs Ross found it on her front
door step about 9 o clk at night  it was about a
day old when found, she has concluded to keep
it and raise it,  She has called it after the
Republican candidate for President, John
Charles Fremont. She sayís she thinks


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almost as much of it as if it were her own.  Miss
Sue Gookins has gone on East to stay a couple of
years, to attend school  Mrs Hanah Claypool
formaly (Miss [?] has a daughter.
                                       Miss Sarah Hight is
very Sick also John F King he is not expected to
live  Judge Tilitson has got the paulsy and has
been confined at home for more than a month
Master Frank Cunningham has resorted to a
wig.  It is composed ofvery long black hair
Much darker than his own, Not much of an
improvement, as far as good looks are
                         Father is not very well, To day
all the rest are quite well, Fannie has began
to walk,, Mother sayís she will answer your
letter as soon as she has time perhaps next
Sunday,  how long before you are through
donít you think it is more.  difficult
than Robbisons course in Mathematics
              But Chas I must close I hope
you will write Soon, They Say Illanois has
gone for Buck about 5,000{morj?] I supp
ose they had great times in Cincinnati on
the day of the Election, My Respts to all the
boys their folks are all well, All send there love
                                 From  Your Brother
(address Box 55 [?] )               Henry W   



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