Early Letters by Terre Hauteans


Letter from James Haynes
to George Washington Bennett

May 12, 1834

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Terre haute May 12 1834
Dear Sir
          As I have declined runnig the
river another trip this Summer in consequence
of my health not being good I write to
you by Mr S Smith who if he gets
as low as Natchez will hand these
lines to you I have had my health
tolerable well till within a few days
I am on the mend I think and if
I recover I contemplate running one or
two boats as Early this fall as the wabash
will admit of I wish you to send me
a box of or two of Drab coloured hats
I would like them as [white?] one as you have
or as light coulor,d low presure as they [form
them?] here if you can send them to
at 4 [$ per?] Doz I can make a profit
if [not?]  they are of a good Quality at that
price if they are more the profits will
not Justify Mr [?] Smith will attend



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to bringing them times is somewhat lively
in Terre Haute and I am doing as good business
as any here according to my stock your
Father is with me and in Tolerable Health
the [connection?] is all well as far as I know
if the hats are sent there there will be no [defal
cation?] in the money as soon as the Wabash
will admit of my Running Down you
have an opportunity of Writing to me as we
can have more satisfaction from yourself by
letter than heresay
                           Respectfully yours [?]
                             James Haynes


Address information


Addressed to:  Mr. G W [D?] Bennett



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