Benjamin F. Boring Collection


Letter from Benjamin F. Boring
to William C. Jones

July 6, 1862

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                                                                    Jackson Tennessee
                                                                               July 6th 1862
Friend Will.
              Yours of the 30th of 
June came to hand to
day.  Our regiment and
the l8th Ohio has been
out on a pleasure excursi
on in Dixie Since the 26th of
of June.  we returned to Jack
-son today.  there was a
fight expected at Holly Springs
75 miles South of here and
we was sent to take the place
of some troops who went



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dive the rebels from
Holly Springs.  We took
the cars[?] here on the 26th and
and at 2 oclock in the eveing
arrived at Grand Junction
where the Memphis and
Charleston road crosses the
Mississip[p]i Central 50 miles
South of here.  We only
remained here one day &
night we went out to
LaGrange 5 miles west of
the junction on the Memphis
road where we remained
until this morning when
we returned to Jackson and
rejoined our Brigade. La Grange
is a beautiful little city though
it is a little the worse
Secesh hole I have ever
before got into.  it contains


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many large and beutiful
dwellings and public buil-
dings.  half a mile east
of Town in the center of a
large and beautiful park
is the Female Colege.  our
regiment was encamped there
though Compay D[?] was in
detached Service in Town as
Police guards to keep the peace.
enforce the Military Law
and arrest old Soldiers
we caught in Town with
out a pass.  We wer  quarter-
-in the first Second and
third Stories of a large Hotel 
on  Main Street called the
Manassas House.  We had
Splendid rooms.  Splendid
furniture. and plenty of
good books to read.



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Our Brigade has Marching
orders and it is Said we are
going to Virginia.  We  have
received bad news from
Mclellens [?] Army and it is likely
we are going to  his[?] assistence.
the  Western[word crossed out]  Western men has done
the principal part of the fighting
so far and it appears like they
was going to continue to do so. we
heard that Mclellen had been
driven back [l7?] miles if so it is
a bad Job.  And no[?] other
Troops but Illinoians will
do him any good.  You will
please excuse this Short letter I
have ma[n]y things I would like
to tell you but I dont know
where to commence.  You will
confer a great pleasure on me
by writing often.  Give my
respects to your P[a]o. and Ma and
compliments in  the Bulletin
Direct to Co D [?] Ill Regt
Logans Brigade first division 

                 Respectfully Yours [?]

                         Sargt Boring



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.