Benjamin F. Boring Collection


Letter from Benjamin F. Boring
to William C. Jones

July 31, 1862

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                                                                   Jackson Tennessee
                                                                   July 31st 1862

Friend Jones.

                     Yours of the 21st. was

received last evening and was

a most welcome visator.  It found

me enjoying good health and I

believe my full share of the enjoyment

usually extended to Soldiers.  You

may get this letter and you may

not.   the rebels are all around us

here and have burned our rail

road bridges once and came near

capturing our train  mail and

all .  They are fighting at Bolivar

25 miles south of here and have

been for the last 2 or 3 days.

Bolivar is garrisoned with about 8000

troops and fortified with cotton

bales.  The forces have near all been

withdrawn from here and there is

but a small force left thoug two

regiments and a Squadron of Cavalry

came in last night and more are




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We have a great deal of guard duty

to perform and are on picket almost

constantly.  3 men out of company F

of our regiment wer taken prisoners

night before last while guarding

a rail road bridge.  Stewarts

Cavalry had an engagement

with the rebels yesterday And came

near geting all taken in.  the

rebels retreated into a Swamp

a large cane[?] break[?]  And our men

followed them and wer flanked

on both sides  and those who

wer  successful in cuting their way

through the lines alone escaped.

I do not know how  many wer 

killed from the fact we dont know

how many were captured  Any how

we sustained  loss.  We are expecting

an attack here all the time and

have every thing in readiness for

an engagement.  our Commissaries have

all been sent to Columbus lest we

might be unsuccessful in holding

the place and our trains and wagons

have been sent to the river  And

it is our intention to burn the


[The words "Sergt. B. F.  Boring" was written vertically
on the right hand margin of page 2]


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Town if we have to retreat

And leave its Smouldering [?]ruins

a Sacrifices upon [ ?] of rebel-

dom.  That is what the southern

Confederacy deserves And the only

expedient way of terminating this [?]

war is to lay waste the whole

South.  if we are going to guard

and protect their homes and

property and wait to fight it

out in that way we had better

begin drilling our Children and

prepair them for soldiers for you

and I provided we wer to die

with old age would not live to

see the end of this war.

                         I have no objections

to you becoming a Soldier  Will

and would like to have such

a soldier in Company "D" provided

I thought you was able to stand

the hardships and fatigues of a soldiers

life.  Our regiment is over run [?]

with fifers and Drummers and it

would be difficult for you to get

in our Company or Regiment unless

you would come in as a private soldier



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and I am confident that wouldent

suit you for you are not stout and big

enough to carry a musket and a knife su[?]

The war department has issued an order

for all those regiments to be filled up and

authorizing its Lieutenants and Sergeants of

companies to dispatched for its purpose of

geting recruits and probably I will come

back to Crawford after some and if you want

to come and your parents are willing I will

bring you but I would not say one word

to encourage you  I believe is its duty for

every man that is able to bear arms to

turn out in defence of his Country but there

is plenty of men who will make more able

soldiers than you  I believe there is going

to be a Draft and I say God grant it  I have

been praying for it for the last  6 months

there is plenty  of men in the North and that

is the only way they will ever be got into

service.  I believe there is a great many

Seceshionist in the North and sometimes I think

all the Union men there  is are in the Army.

But we are going to fight for the Union

as long  as we live  and when us soldiers

are all killed off and no one to oppose them

the rebels can take possession of our free

States.  And while our boddies are mouldering

in our graves they can take possession of

our fair lands.  but while we live no

rebellious foe can ever invade our sacred

soil.  It is raining and the Boys have just

returned from picket  I was on picket

day before yesterday with company"B" and

did not get on with our Company this

time.  I am extremely obliged for those

Stamps  I will  put one of them on this letter

and the other one I will send Helen a letter             

with we cant get Stamps here for love or

money  I have written home for some but

dont get any.  I told George MCDowell to

send me Stamps but he has quit writing

and I have not received a letter from

him for near 2 months.  My sheet is near            

full and I will have to quit please write

soon and often I am always glad to get

your letter.



The following lines were written vertically
on the left hand margin of page 4]


The boys of your acquaintence are all well and send their

love to you  Direct [?]  to company D 30th. Ills

Logans Brigade first Division



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.