Benjamin F. Boring Collection


Letter from Benjamin F. Boring
to William C. Jones

October 28, 1862

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                                                                Jackson Tennessee
                                                                                 Oct 28th 1862 

Dear  Devil.
                  Your favor was received some
time since but this is the first favorable opportunity
I have had of replying.  We have got back to our
old Post again and I dont like it a [bit?]. for
here we have to drill twice a day and stand
guard too.  when we are in detached duty
we dont have any drilling to do and can go
where we please if we will take our chances-
but here if we get out site  of the camp without
a "Pass" the Patrolls are after you and if one isint
careful the first thing he knows he is in the Guard
house.  Well Will I dont know what to say
to you this morning I am in good health but
am a little down in the mouth.  Our Captain
has resigned and gone home and old Company
D is about Plaid out.  I fear we will be con-
solidated there are 4 companies in the Regiment
without Captains and if we dont fill up those
Companies with new men they will be put
together and have 8 Companies in the Regiment
If it was not for the name of the thing I would
rather be in hell with  my "Back broke"īthan
go into another Co.  We have had A Recruiting
officer out near 3 months and instead of doing his



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duty and saving the Company he went
home and got Married And has not got
a single man.  this is the 2nd time he has
been sent as a recruiting officer and did
nothing either time  There is a vacancy in
the Company now And he sais if we will
Promote him he will come back.  Do you
think he deserves Promotion I dont.  he is not fit
for 8th. Corporeal.  Pat Sharp is trying to be
Captain he is 1st Lieut And does not deserve
it a particle more than [Spurgen ?] deserves to
be 2nd Lieut.  Lieutenant Miley is the only officer
we have in our Company that I would give a fig
for and he deserves to be Captain and will
be if the Company has their say so about it
But if it is left for the Col to do it Pat will be
apt to get it for he is Best at wire working and
that is all he is good at.  that is the way he got
to be lst. Lieut. not becaus he deserves it atall. he
was appointed over Lieut. Miley once and if he is
again Miley will resign And I say Amen for
I would do the same.  Pat has never been with
the company when he could help himself was
never in but one fight (Donelson) And has
made his boasts he did not care a Dam for
its company.  And now he sais he will be
Captain and for us to help ourselves.  If the fare
thing was done Miley would be Our Captain
And I would be 2nd. Lieutenant.  But if Pat



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has the doing of it I never will get another
promotion for he is jelous towards me and
will do all he can to keep me in ranks.  he
would prefer Promoting some one like himself
that never was on a Battle field when he could
help himself And entirely unfit for the shoulder
strap. to one like myself who has been in
every fight scout and Skirmish.  I have been
with this company on long Marches and on the
bloody field of Battle while he was loitering
about some camp out of danger or at home
frolicing with the Women.  And I have not
so much as had a furlough And never will
get one if he is Commander of the Company.
Pat knows nothing about drilling And I
doubt if he can go through  the manual of
Arms.  And now if he can be captain and
reduce me to ranks he will do so and do all
he can to accomplish that object.  I have always
done all I could for the Co. and would as
leave be called a coward on the battle field
as a shirk in Camp And would rather
be in my grave than be either.  And the idea
of Pat Sharp leading the Crawford Co Boys
And taking all the honer on himself makes
me almost sick to think about while there
are Private Soldiers in the Ranks that would
make a better Captain and better deserves
it than he does.



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Now Will I have ventured to tell you a great
deal concerning the private affairs of our Company
But I have said it to you only.  I have told it to you
as a secret and I hope you as a friend will keep
it so Notwithstanding it is all true I dont wish one
word I have told you to ever be mentioned to
any one for if Pat was to know what I have
told you it would do him or me either no good 
I am not in the habit of writing such letters but
from the fullness of the heart the Mouth speaketh
I would almost as leave have the Company
consolidated as to have Sharp captain of it    I
received the letter and the Envelopes you sent me
I thank you for them with all my heart and
hope someday to return the many kind favors
you have bestowed on me since [I've?] been in the
Army.  If you are a mind to trust me and will
send me a Dollars worth of Stamps I will
Pay you for them as soon as we draw our Pay
we have 4 months Pay due us the 30th of this
month And if you will keep account of all
the stamp you send me I will Pay you for
them we cant get them here half of the time
when we have the money  Postage Stamps
are more precious in the Army than gold
for we cant write to our friends at home
with out them and I would a great deal
rather be out of money than to be deprived
of writing letters to my friends.



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  Dick Parker requests me to send you his regards he is still
Drummer in Company .D. and is a good little soldier.
Him and I are particular friends we have a Tent and
stay by ourselves  Dick is my bed fellow and my
Mess mate.  I am acting Orderly and have been
for near 3 months instead of John. C.  [Spurgein?] we
are looking for him back now and I guess the intention
is to make a 2nd Lieutenant out of him when he gets
back provided we have the vacancy filled atall.  I hope
you will continue to write to me And dont think hard
of me if I am not punctual in Answering your letters
for you will Pleas Remember that it is not always a
soldier can write letters  We are under Marching Orders
now and have had our Knapsacks packed ready for a
march but I [fell?] in hopes the order is countermanded.
It is reported that Price is coming back to Corinth again
with his Army of ragged and hungry Rebels if so
I expect that is the caus of our orders I begin to
feel like I would about as leave have another Pull
at them as not and anything a little ["leaver.?"] I
have not had an opportunity of [Passing?] the [wadd?]
to any of them since the battle at Britton Lane &
that has been almost 2 months.  You will Please
give my respect to your Pa and Ma and believe
                       As ever yours
                                      B. F. Boring
                    Act Orderly..D. 30th Ills.



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.