Benjamin F. Boring Collection

Letter from Benjamin Boring
to William C. Jones

Nov. 27, 1861

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                      Head Quarters. 30th Regiment
                                   Camp McClernand Nov. 27/61

           Mr. Jones . Sir

                                     I received your very welcome
letter some time ago.  but partly through neglect and
partly for the want of time.  I have not answered it
untill now.  I have no important news to tell.
you out side of our camp affairs.  I expect you
are better posted in regard to matters outside of
the Guard lines than I am.  We are kept under
very strict military discipline here. not being allo
wed to go outside of our quarters.  Even to a
Commissioned officer cant cross the Guardlines
without a pass from the  Colonel.  Our Col. is
gone now on business.  And the business of the
Regiment devolves upon Lieut..Col. "E S. Denis"

The boys dont one of them in the whole Regiment
like Denis.  And when he is spoken of or his
name mentioned in any way. [we] call him
"Kentucky Jains"  He wont sign any passes for
us. or let any of us have a furlough.   he
read some orders on dress parade this evening
in which he said the would be no more furlough
granted under any. circumstances whatever.  I have
not been out side of the Regiment for 2 weeks.  I
havent been out of Cairo but once since I
have been here.  I am so tired of Staying here
in Cairo that I dont know what to do.  I
would give my "Boots" to be back in old Crawford
a few days once more.  But the Army Shall be
my home as long as this war lasts.  or untill
I die~~~



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We are having our new barracks put up I
think they will be ready to move into in a
a few days.  they are two story high.  And
we are to partition them off  to Suit ourselves
We are going to buy us Stoves and I think we
can fix them so they will be tolerable comfort-
able.  I wish you could come down and see
us when we get fixed up.  As we cant come
home to see our friends I would like if they
would come and See us.  We are going to
have another fight Soon.  I think we will . have a
battle at Collumbus before many days.  We played
particular thunder with the Secesh at Belmont
and we are going to do the same with them at
Collumbus only on a larger scale.  I would like
to tell you a few things about our fight at
Belmont but have not time tonight.  I will tell you
all about it when I come home.  Suffice it to
Say my [head] is prett near well.  The Secesh
are pretty good marksmen but a little more and
they would of missed me.   They are cuting
all the trees down.  Across the river from Collumbus
to keep us from slipping [upon] again.  Our Gun
boats go down the River every day.   And throws
Shells at them in the woods.  I also toss a
a few over into Collumbus occasionly.  Just to
let them know we have not forgotten them.
   I think we will jog their memory as
soon as our new Gun boats are done.  I expect
a good many of us will get furloughs about
that time without "Kentucky Jams" Signing
them for our long home  As likely my
self as any one else~


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  I must tell you about our Election
to day.   Mike Langton was Elected Capt..
George. L. Gordon 1st Lieut.. George E Meiley 2nd
Lieut.  Harry Hamilton Orderly.  Isaac
Man [?] Sargeant.   & Pat Sharp run for
first & Second Lieut.  but was beaten.
                                            Will..write to me
often You dont have any idea how much
good it does a Soldie to get letters from
home.     We are all doing tolerable well
anymore than we could sleep a great deal
better if we had Blankets enough to keep us
warm.  Our Grub is tolerable hard.  but
I expect I can used to it after while.  I have
not seen a Buscuit for so long tha I dont
expect I would know what one was if I would
see it.  Peach & Apple pies are 15 cts a piece.
Apples.  sell from 2 to 5 for 5cts  Eggs 20 cts. per
                      Give my respects to enquiring
friend if I have any.  & dont forget me.  or
dont neglect to write write write write
                             Good by  Will.
                                        Yours as ever
                                                B F Boring. Cairo
                                                   W.C.Jones Robinson 

P.S. If you can send me a Bulletin once in a while. for
when I get hold of a Bulletin or a yellow jacket  I
just read it untill I wear it out "Send me one wont you"



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  Will. tell me what has become of
Rufe.  has he joined the Army or not



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.