Benjamin F. Boring Collection


Letter from Benjamin F. Boring
to William C. Jones

November 23, 1862

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Camp in the field La Grange Tennessee
                                        Nov.. 23rd 1862 

  W-C- Jones-

                 Dear Sir Your letter and your     
Stamps wer received last evening and
could not of come in a better time---
I would like to write you a good long
letter today but I cant think of any thing
to write about-- I presume you are aware
of our movements down here and it
would be useless for me to attempt to
tell you what we have done or what
we are going to do  However we wer marching
on Holly Springs which was held by [Price?]
and 40,000 Rebels but unable to Stand the
showers of Yankees that were coming down
they have Skedaddled and prospects of our
engagement there has subsided--There is a
large Army here though nothing of importance
is going on--there has been a general inspection
of troops our Brigade passed in Review yesterday
We have 7 Regiments in  our Brigade [-iz?]--the
20th 30th 31st 45th 81st 111th and 124th Illinois Regiments--
we have a large brigade now and it looks a
little like old times to see us all together--
I presume there is about 6000 in all probably
not so many--



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  Company D will remain as it did when
I last wrote you--we have no Captain and
but few left in the ranks-- and I think we
will soon cease to exist as a Company--
I have received 2 [coppeis?] of the Monitor I am
much obliged for them hope I will receive
some more--I wish I had something I could
Send you but I have not that I could send
in a letter if I can come home this winter
I will bring you a Secesh Sword or a gun--
I think Company D will be consolidated with
Company F from Clark County and probably
there will be chance for me to come home if
so I will bring you something to remember
the Southern Confederacy by--We have
not been Paid yet and I cant tell
when we will be there is near 5 months
pay due us I will send you a Green Back
to pay for the Stamps as soon as I draw
some--Dick is well and sends his respects
to you he sais he will write you--I think
Brother Pearce is geting quite Patriotic--I dont
think a man should wear a Soldiers Uniform
unless he could use a Musket  Do you--
   You will please excuse this Short Letter
I will make it up some other time--Give
my respects to all enquiring friends and
  Believe me as as ever yours--

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P--S--Direct to
                      Sergt..  Boring
              Company D"{       Ten
              30th Ills Regt{



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.