Benjamin F. Boring Collection


Letter from Benjamin F. Boring
to William C. Jones

December 21, 1862

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                          Camp in the field
Wattervalley Mississippi
                                  Dec 21st 1862
  W. C . Jones.
                     I received a letter from you last
evening and shall reply this evening.
As I have an opportunity now and I
dont know when I will have another
one.  Since last I wrote you we have
done some pretty hard marching and are
now expecting if nothing happens to
have a little fighting we have them
pretty well cornered at [Granada?] and
we learn they are advancing on us.
Our Brigade appears to be in the advance
of almost the intire Army-We are camped
in the woods near town--we have orders
to lay on our arms tonight and sleep
with one eye opened.



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We marched near all night last night
on a forced march it was pretty hard
on us but as we was in the advance we
had good roads and it was better
marching than we have been accustom
ed for we have usually been kept in
the reserve and had to march over
roads cut to pieces and trod into a
mortar by a big advance--A large
force of Rebel Cavalry was discovered today
trying to make their way to our rear
to destroy the R R and cut off our Suppplies.
I dont think they can succeed fer there is
a supperior force of ours in persuit and
if they aint verry careful the whole Rebel
Squad will be gobbled up--If they do
cut our Supplies off from us it will not
amount to much fer we are living off
the Country any how and if they aint
on the look out we will more than
live off them--we have all the fresh 
meat we want to eat and are geting
so we wont hardly look at a side
of Bacon.  I was verry glad to get those
Stamps for I was out and we cannot get
them down here for love or money.  I
am keeping an account of all you send
me and will pay you for them some


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day if the rebels dont  kill me before
Uncle Sam Pays me again--I have got
some Confederate money I will send you
a Bill of it--it will be no benefit to you
but keep it to Remember Ben.  I received
the Monitor today containing my letter.
I will be much obliged to you if you will
be kind enough to continue sending it to
me--When you write again tell me if
you think [Lugour or Lugons?] likes to publish letters
from me if he does I will write him
again--Dick is Still with Company D
And is well he sends his regard to you I
dont know why he dont write to you he
is always verry anxious to hear from you
You will pleas write me I am allways
glad to receive your letters I think a great
deal of you--for you have done me so
many favors since I have been in the
Army I would think I was doing you
an injustice if I refused to write to you
Direct your letters to Oxford Mississippi.
My respects to all my acquaintences and
best wishes for yourself
                             Yours truly
                                                B. F. Boring.
Company D 30th Ills Regiment
                                                Oxford Miss.



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.