Benjamin F. Boring Collection


Letter from Benjamin F. Boring
to William C. Jones

August 20, 1862

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                                                    Hatchee Bottoms Tenn
                                                               August 20th 1862

W.C. Jones
                  Respected Friend I received
a letter from you last evening.
And will endeavour this morning
to give you a hasty reply.  I am
not verry well as the Saying is
I am about plaid out."  We are
encamped now in Hatchee Bottoms
on Hatchee river about 28 miles south
west from Jackson.  we came here
on the 13th I dont[?] dont know how
long we will have to Stay here
but if I had my Say So about it
I would not stay may days.
 Hatchee Bottoms is a perfect Sodom
&Gamorrow   It is in the woods and
when it rains the warter is Knee
deep all over the camp.  we have
to drink and cook with watter from
an old Mill [?] that is used to watter
all the Stock and for a was tub
and a bathing place for all the
Soldiers and besides that it is as warm
as Dish water-------



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We are here for the purpose of
guarding a ford and  a crossing
place over the Hatchee and the
Adjacent Swamp which is the only
place they can be crossed for
Several Miles on either Side.   the
30th And 20th Ills are all the troops
there are here except a few
Cavalry And one Section of Ar
tillery.  O yes! that
[rest of line filled by a detailed sketch
of a rifle shooting a soldier]

 I would send you one with the great
est of pleasures if I could get one.  but they
are verry Scarce in camp now and hard
to get.  there are a few inferior and poor
things at the Commissary  I dont
think you would have one of them
if you could get it.  they are not
worth paying express on.  wait
until I get into another fight
and I will get you and me
both one.  I could of got a
whole waggen load of them
at Fort Donelson but I did not
care for them and paid but
little notice to them.  If I get
a chance any more I will
save you one any how.  if I
cant get a Double barrelled one


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  I presume a Single barrell one
  will do.  I expect Volunteering
is going on pretty brisk up in
Crawford isent it.   I have heard
of a great many companies
being made up lately. they
are geting  a fraid of a Draft
Brave Men that will Stay at
home until all their Sons
and volunteers are killed or
captured and then have to
Draft them  Amost any persn
would Volunteer under such
circumstances.  I  Say  Bully for the
Draft. I havent got much
to write about Will there is nothing
here but Frogs. Lizzards.  Aligators.
Rebels. and Masquetoes.  I received
your Postage Stamps and will
receive my thanks in return.  I
received one Stamp in one of 
Your letters and 2 in the one[?] other
and 2 in the last one making
5 in all.  Please write soon
if not Sooner
                        I am Sir Verry
  Respectfully Yours [?]
                        Sergeant B. F. Boring



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.