Benjamin F. Boring Collection


Letter from Benjamin F. Boring
to William C. Jones

March 14, 1863

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                   Lake Providence Louisiana
                                       March 14, 1863. 

Friend Jones.
                     I have not received a letter
from you for a long time--I dont
know the cause hope you are not sick--
I have been expecting one every mail
for near one month but am disappointed
every time.  Our Mail does not come
very often but it comes a great deal oftener
than your letters do.  We have Marching
Orders again  [Are?] ordered to go aboard the
Transports to morrow with 5 days rations
in our Haversacks.  I think we are going
to [Yazoo?] City in Arkansas- it is on the
[Yazoo?] River but as the Rebels command
the mouth of it we will have to go by
way of the old [Yazoo?] pass.  The boys are
about all in good health except Dallass
McGuire he is sick in the hospital with the
Small pox.  I never saw the Soldiers in
better spirits in my life--Unity--hope and
contentment is universal throughout our
Department of the Army--The only thing
that destirbs our harmony is those peace
letters that come to us from Copperheads



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up at home-the boys all say they dont
want to receive any letters from Rebels
or Rebel Sympathizes--I have
never saw or heared of a Soldier but
what  [denaunce?] them and say they would
rather shoot a copperhead (as we call them)
than a Rebel Soldier--They all want to
be called home to enforce the Conscript
and I expect if any of the old Troops wer
sent for that purpose they would become
desperate--for they more than hate those
Dough faced  democrats.  I respect a Traitor
in the ranks of the Rebel Army a great deal
more than I do at home--and so does
all of the Soldiers--You cant imagine what
a senseation that circular you sent me
created in camp it Set the Soldiers allmost
crazy--I used to want to come and see
my friends but I want to come home
now to fight  I dont claim copperheads
and Doughfaces to be my friends they
are the worst enemies our Government has
and who are not friends to it are enemies
to me and all the balance of our Soldiers.
I have been coresponding with Several
friends up at Hutsonville-- they pretend to be
christian people and have written me
good Christian letters--but their hearts


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are void of any love of country and
they all condemn the war and say we
are fighting for the Niggers-- I am going
to quit writing to them and dont want
such people to write to me while I am in
the Army--I am in for any thing to put
down the Rebellion dont care what it is
and am not a friend to any one who
opposes the war I dont advocate any
terms of [peace?] other than an abject
Submission of the South or a total annihilation
of the Rebel Army. I have received several
copies of the Monitor lately am much obliged
for them I saw a pretty loud hint in
one of them concerning my letters and I
dont think I shall write Mr Logan any
more letters for publication--You must
write to me Will I dont get hardly any
letters of late I dont know the cause I have
not received any letter from Helen for a
long time I expect She has gone Copperhead
if she is let her  [rip.?]  There are plenty of
pretty girls down here in Dixie who
own large plantations and are not as
much Secesh as a fellow would suppose.
You give my regards to all my
friends and if my letter to the Monitor
of the 8th of March is published be shure



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and send me a copy of it--Crase is well
and said tell you to grab a root.  Several of
our paroled boys have got back and some of
them have not those who refuse to come dont
know what is good for them for every one
of them will either  have to come back to the
Army or lay in some prison untill the war is
over.  I believe I would prefer coming back to
[An?] Army, dont you?  There are 3 from our Co
that have not come yet, and Swear
they wont come. their names are Cox--Havil
and Kent--Rufe and Ben Longinecker came
to camp yesterday --John Mury and Osscar
McDonald came to us at Memphis  Osscar Beers
came 2 or 3 days ago-- Good nigh Willie
Write sone
                   Your friend as Ever
                                       Ben. F. Boring. 



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.