Benjamin F. Boring Collection


Letter from Benjamin F. Boring
to William C. Jones

June 10, 1863

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                                    Rear of Vicksburg.
                                             June 10" 1863
W 'C' Jones.
               Dear Sir.
                        I thought probably you
would be glad to hear from a Vicksburger
and have therefore concluded to drop  you a
line.  I dont Remember where I was when
last wrote you but, think it was Black
River.  I dont know where I was when I
last received a letter from you but think
it was at Lake Providence about 2 months
ago.  I am enjoying good health but have
in some very unhealthy places since
last I wrote you.  The old 30" has been
doing some fighting during the past month
or so.  We fought the Rebs. at [Raymore?]
on the 12" of May- at Jackson (Capitol of the State)
on the 14" at Champion hills on the 16" and
have been under fire here since the [19"?]
Company D" has lost 2 more of her Brave
Boys killed and 4 wounded since we crossed
the Mississippi on the 3d  of May.



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John Murphy killed and James Wright wounded
at Black river Bridge on the 3d of May.
Alfred Perkins was killed-Captain Meily
and Sergeant Laynecker wounded at the battle
of Champion hills on the 16".  Frank Winter and
Oscar Beers wer left with the wounded
there and have since been taken prisoner and
Paroled  Capt" Meily was Paroled also and
all our wounded.  we had one Capt" wounded
here on the 24" (M. L. James).  We now have 23
men reported for duty and Co" D" is under
command of Lieut" Polk of Co" A".  Will I
shall not attemp giving you a detailed
account of what is transpiring here it
would be useless for me to attempt it.
besides I presume you get all the news from
the dailies better than I could give it
and a great deal sooner.  We stormed their
works here twice but unable to [carry?] them
was both times repulsed and driven back.
Our first charge we came to the ditches
found them 16 feet deep and 14 feet across
them of course we could not get over
and the best thing we could do was to get
away from there quick as possible.


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Our next charge (May 22d)  we came
provided with scailing ladders and
crossed the ditches but unable to climb
a perpendicular Parapet 12 feet high and
enter the fort at the mouth of blazing
cannon we had to withdraw the second
time as before leaving the ditches filled
and the ground covered with our dead
and wounded comrades.  General Grant has
I think abandoned the Idea of taking
Vicksburg by Storm and has gone to work
fortifying and making prepairations to
besiege the Rebel Strong hold.  We are building
our Breastworks close up to theirs so close
we can talk with the Rebs" and throw
Stones at them.  Our Sharp Shooters keep
all their cannon silenced and not a
Butternut dare put his head above his
breastworks lest some of our Sharp Shooters
take his top not.  There is but little firing
going on now except a few Shells from
our morters at the River, an occassional shot
from a cannon and the Skirmushing kept
up by the Sharp Shooters in the Rifle Pits
who are protecting our Boys while at work.



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We are camped in the hollows between the high
hills protected from the Bullets and Shells
we have no tents but have nice little Boweries
made of cane.  The weather is very warm and
dry too much so to be comfortable. it is quite
hard on our wounded who are at present
numerous but are being as well cared for
as could be expected on so large a field where
there are so many to see to-- those who are
severely wounded are being sent North as fast
as Transportation can be obtained for them.
The Rebs captured some of our Boys here the other
day took them into Vicksburg Paroled them
and sent them out.  General Grant refused
to recognize their Parole and would not
send them North.  he claims the Rebel army in
there to all be his Prisoners and have no right
to Parole our Boys.  A good joke on the Paroles
isent it Will ? They have tried to cut out
several times but they meet with the same
fate we do in Storming their works we
send them back to their dens howling.  They
say Old Joe Johnson is coming with reenforce
-ments to attack us in the rear and bring in
supplies-but we have the trump card
for him and would as leave he would come
as not and if any difference a little [leaves?] Our
army is completely around them from River to River
above and below them General McClennand (15"
Army Corps) occupies the left and Joins to the river
below General Sherman (15"Army corps) occupies
the right and joins to the river above General J.B.
McPherson (17"Army Corps) occupies the center.
Our rear fire cuts a line of Battle the same as
our front.  I could write you more but
will not now--Write to me as often as con
-venient--Remember me to your Pa and Ma
and Believe me as ever
                                                     B. F. Boring             



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.