Civil War Letters
of William A. Black


Letter from William A. Black
to Josiah O. Black

June 13, 1865

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                 June the 13--1[8]65

    Camp            Near rolly Mo
                                 Dear  friends
I Seat my Self with the
greatest of pleasure to let
you know that we are
tollerable well  and i
truly hope when these
few lines may come to hand
that they may find you
all well i received a letter
from home the evening
of the 11 of June it
was rote the [5?] and mailed
on the 6 it Come to hand
at St James mo 10 miles
from rolly which tells us
that you was well and i
was glad to hear that you
was well and that you
had not sent that box
if you had sent it we



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would not have got it
So it is the Best the
way it is we left St louis
[on] the 6 and got to
our journys end on the 12
this has been a tollerable
hard trip on me  i had
been not well for 4 days
before we Started I [felt?]
very sleepy and drowsy
the first days ride [pretty?] near
tired me to death and i
got as yellow as you ever
seen any one i did not
fell like going  but i went
on the 9  i had a
hot fever all day and at
night i had a chill
and the next day i felt
much better and the
sun poured the heat down
and i thought if i Could
get some Butter milk


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that i get better
i got the milk and
i got in to a mans
orchard and gathered all
the tame Cherries that i
could eat and drank
Butter milk all day
and at night i felt
like i Could travel right
a long that all the
medicine that i took
Well you wanted me to
right Soon i want you
to right as soon as
you get this letter  and
let us know wheather
you got that Box that
we Sent i will Send
the receipt as i get
an answer for this
letter domt Send any thing
to us By express we are
going to guard the maill



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from rolly to Springfield
a bout 65 miles that
is the talk now
But one thing is so
i never will go to texas
i will run off  So i will
Close for this time
                 So good By
      this from
                  W. A Black
direct [to?] Co D 11
Ind  Cav
          in care of
             [J?]  F hogoboom
Come to hand May  June 17-1865



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.