Civil War Letters
of William A. Black


Letter from
William A. Black

June 29, 1864

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                   June  the  29 1864
        I     have only got to
         letters  from you Father
nothing pleases me better than
to hear from home oncen a
while only 2 letters since we left
Indanapolis you say that it
is very dry  tell us  how
  the Crops looks Corn is as
tall as my head here their
is not much in the Country
only  little patch now and
then the ref gees is plenty
here from all of the Sothern States
they go to the Commesary
and draw grub the some as us
wright and tell us why
you dont wright oftener than
you do tell Cassadays Boys
to wright to us we have rote
to them Several times and
got no answer yet Something
Strang  that we have got no
letters from them I reckon the



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Cause is that we are
in the union army they
Couldent better them Selves
if they was here tell us
how the lection went did
[Con?] git elected for Constable
and did Wiley gain superviser
or not  he rote to Wiley and
sent a union ticket in the
letter he says that your
wheat is as good as your he ever
Seen he Says that he would
like to have a lot of us
soldiers to help help him
Cut wheat but I tell you
what if it is hot thier
as it is here you Could not
Cut much in one day
their is no wheat here
to Cut if you Cant
get the wheat Cut
with out the money}See 22


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 right down go to the 
    bank and draw it dont
 let it go to loss for wheat
will fetch the money right
up i will now tell you
a bout then  Cloth you
go to thomas Surburs
wife in a sly way as by way and ask
her if She got thomas over Coat
if She did She has got ours
 to thomas Surbur and
John Smith  So took them
to the office to express them
wiley told me the other day
that tom had the receipt
for them he would not
let him  See it wiley
      told me that Something ["rong" written vertically on bottom right margin]



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John Smith Said that
he Sent them to his
wife in the Care of
pence but now I don't
beleve it  } we now to
make a [draw?] prty Soon|
forty dollars  bounty and 
to months wages makes
$72 dollars } this is July
                      the 1[symbol after 1?] 1864
the hotest weather that
I ever Seen in my fl life
we are both well and
to miles an half below
Larkinsville guarding the
       I wish you well
    Friends good by Wm A Black

["Wm A Black" is also written vertically on bottom of left hand margin]



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.