Civil War Letters
of William A. Black


Letter from
William A. Black

June 2, 1864

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Paint   rock Bridg
                   the 2              the 2
            June     alabamy
                        Dear  friends
we now hav arrived in rebledom
we are fare   from home
we are as well as [comon?]
and I hope these few lines
may find you well we
run  great  resks  on the
rail road  92 miles below nashville
tennese  Struck the mountains
we went up it appeared like
we would nver get to the  top
we A bout 2 miles high
we went through the tunnel
at one mile then we Sean
 the Dainger we went down
So fast that you Could not
hardly see anything they
done their best to hold back
the fall the road had 160 ft
to the mile they run the
engin Backwards halfo of th




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 we run A Bout 2 miles a minute
or near a bout 4 minutes
we run 6 miles in that time
weare 150 miles  below nashville
ten our regiment is to guard
the rail road  we are strung a bout
fifty miles Co  at a place
       their is 2 Campanye here
at  this  place [C  D?]  Co h
we are be twween to big
mountains  we are Camped on
the Side of the mountain the
rockes lay  thick great
cliffs cedar trees all through
the mountains I bought [?]
of Coffee  gave 25 cts for it
  to have    Something to
drink  a  little  hard tack
and and watter I was hard
[living?]   the Suply train
  Came up 3 hours a go we
was very hungry we got Something
to eat


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we haint had only one
letter from you  Since  we
left Camp Carrington
  I want you to wright
to us and let us how
you are getting a long the
gorillers say they will [*]
take the bridg  that [*]    
we are guarding the Chief
one among the his name
is white Cotton
                              Nothing more
                               Good  by 

              Wm A Black
             J      O    Black                 

  *["in a week" is written along  margin near both asterisks]



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[written on the outside of folded letter]

  for     John Smith
                  I am well at this
                  time and I hope thes
       few lines may find you well
              I want you to let me
know how the things is
                      going on wright Soon
                                  if yo please

[written in margin on left]

Wm A Black
     for John


[written on outside of folded letter] 

Direct to Sparkinsville Alabama
Co. D. 11th Ind Cavalry care of Col
                                           R R Stewart



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.