Civil War Letters
of William A. Black


Letter from
William A. Black
to Josiah O. Black

August 19, 1864

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                   August 19th 1864
Dear friend I this eveni
ing Seat my self to pen
you a few lines to let you
 know that we are Both well
Well Father I received your kind
letter of the 6th of august
which Come to hand this morn
ing a member of our Co gave
 them to Wiley his name
is [ C or G ?] h Lawrence Brought
them we got the newspaper
that  you Sent to us and the
letters to the good news that
Come in the letter you say
that you got that 120 dollars
you Say that you have put $100
dollars in the Bank you say
that you Want that [150 or 180 ?] dollars
a while if we are willen Well
father you Can have it
if it will do you any good



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if you Stand much in need
of money you Can have
 all you want Well mother
what do you think of your
present of a dollar that that
i sent to you with the
rest of the money our Capt
Said that he would give
it to you i was not
a fraid to trust him withe
the money{ Well Father you want
me to tell you what kind of a box
that we sent our many Cloths
in well in the first i will tell
you what kind of plank We
made the Box out of poplar
inch stuff it is a Bout 3 feet
long 2 feet thick their is Some
pine pieces in the box to
as well a i Can recolect a bout
it take a good Search for
it the way that you will
know that you are Shore


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you will find my Coat
rolled up in a tight
roll with a leather strap
round them Father if you
find them take them
and keep them dont let
the [Surburs or Surleurs ?] know that you
you have got them We cant
get any thing out of tom
a Bout them } You Speak Some
thing a bout old Belle and
Burton thrashing wheat I Canot
make out tell me in the next
letter  Well Father What
did our little Capt Say
a bout us Wasent he glad
to see you dident it apear
Well John and Marion
I would like to see you
very much and I would like
 to See little tom the Best
 of all well to tell the
 truth I would like to See you



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Well in if a few days
I will right a gain
and now good By
 and this from yours
  truly friend
           Wm A Black 

[written in pencil] Come to hand August 26th  1864


        hurah for old       




  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.