Civil War Letters
of William A. Black


Letter from
William Black
to J. O. Black

May 21, 1864

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tennessee  Camp  Shury  may  the 21
  fine      weather at  this time    1864
I take my pen in hand
 to let you know that
 we are well at the present
 and I hope these few lines
 may find you all well
 and enjoying many pleasures
 we have as nice a Camp
 as i ever Seen in my
 life we have got Cedar
  trees all through the Camp
 a very nice Country all a round
 bout this Camp vegetables plenty
 very big price Corn knee high
 plenty of peaches and
  aples groing not mutch
  wheat or Small grain of
any kind it is as hot
 as ever you Seen [words crossed
out] in august at home
   we got to go to the
  Comberland river to 



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take a bathe it is
the Size of the wabash hilles
on both sids very deep
and swift we can find
rifle balls a long the
edg of the woter they have
been Shot at the rebeles
 from the boats when passing
 we Cannon evry morning
fire at fort Smith
  3 miles from us we have
plenty to eat drink and
to ware  I want you to wrigt
Soon let us know how you
are giting a long with the
[farm?] that ink re ceipt the
Stuff will Cost $ 100 here
I  sent $ 80/ to the
adams express office for yo
to get mother you take
all that we owe yo and
god intrust and father you
take the rest and put it


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the  bank  I have not
much to Say though we
have not heared from you
only once that was sent
Camp  Covington than Sent
on to us the Same letter
 that i backed when i was
 at home last  let me know
when you get that money
 Soon  as pssible i will
  Close my letter  Good
          Direct this way         

           William A Black             
              In Care of C A Goodwin
                    Co  D  11th Cav



Additional Information



[On the outside of letter]

Wm Black
   to J O
   May 11th Co
       D    1864



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.