Civil War Letters
of William A. Black


Letter from
Capt. C. A. Goodwin
(Camp Shanks, Indianapolis)
to W. A. Black and W. O. Black

February 5, 1864

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     Camp Shanks                    

             Feb th5   1864 

I take my pen in
  hand to let you
  know that we are
 well at the present
 time and I hope these
 few lines may find
 you enjoying the Same
 blessing we dant know
 when  we will come
 home but we will come
 as   Soon as  we  can
 we  only      Cant get 5
 days furlough   we have
 plenty to eat  drink
 and ware  Coffee  bread
 bacon   beef  potatos  rice
 beens   hominy    dried aples
 and shugar



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the boys is all well at
this time in Company
paul Welch   is furlough
and he has brought
 our bounty to Calhun
for yo  to get  and keep
for us till we  Come home
we sent  one hundred $100
dollars we havent drawed
 nothing yet   but we
 expect to    draw our salure [salary]
in the morning  the sev
rg is gone to texas
  we expect to go to go to
  texas to make a brigade
  the 8 reg 9 reg 10 reg and the
11 reg w are in brigade
 we are in  the 11 reg
 and w think  we are Co 


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   The night of the 29 Jan
we had a very heavy
thundor Storm the guards
Stood all night in water
half knee deep but
I wosent on guard as
it hapend it was a good
thing we expect to here
Soon we are going to Camp
Carrington  I think
I want to know what
yo are going to name
the baby    Soon
I have got A Silver
cup for him if yo
name him

  thomas Nelson Black
and I will have his name
And mine on the side



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I will bring my letter
to  A Close for it is
getting dark        Shanks
     Direct  your letter to Camp
Shanks indianapolis    [Care?]

  Capt C  A Goodwin

           W  A  Black  1864
           W   O  Black  1864

             Wright Soon



  *Note to researcher:  This letter has been transcribed by Archives staff verbatim
as the words appear on the original written page.  The spacing, punctuation, and
capitalization are identical.  Words that are unclear have been enclosed in brackets.