Chester Adams Letters


Letter from J. P. Usher
to Chester Adams

January 17, 1874


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                   Lawrence Kans Jan 17 1874

Chester Adams Esq.
          Terre Haute Ind
                           Dear Sir=
has written to me that Hoskins
Auditor of Clay Co. will buy the
farm and pay its value $5 000.00
or $6 000.00 down and the balance
at 10 per Ct interest do you
think I can do better if he
will pay $50.00 per acre. Look
around inquire and let me
know as soon as you can. I
have written to Mr. Donohue
who gave Patterson the in-
formation to know what Hos-
ins will pay and shall have
an answer very soon. Please
see what you can do without



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  any delay and advise me.
I am much in need of money
and hope you have settled
with Jones and Reeves and
that they are prepared to
pay up what they owe or
will owe on the first of March
Have you made Daly pay
what he owes if so send me
the money.
When do you think you
will be out here let me know
so that I can get you a
pass from St Louis to this place
I hope you will try and
get everything along as fast
as you can for Spring will
soon be upon us.
                    Truly Yours
                          J.P. Usher
                          per S. C W


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