Chester Adams Letters


Letter from J. P. Usher
to Chester Adams

October 18, 1872

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                            Lawrence Oct 18 1872

Chester Adams [Esq?]
          Terre Haute Ind

Dear Sir

Mr. Allen who was here
the other day said he thought
you were getting ready to come
out here I can only say I
wish you were here now There
is a great deal to do and winter
will soon be upon us.
      I hope you will see that
that Irish man down on the canal
pays up his rent or that if he
will not that he leaves at once.
Also about all the other Matters the
settleing with Johns for timber [& c.?]
    And please see about my
taxes if they were paid and
what the condition of [things?]



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  there. Frank Clark wrote to
Mrs. Usher the other day that the
little boy who lived with Dr.
Read had left the Dr. & the
Dr. was willing that he should
come & live with Mrs. Usher
       I think that you had
better call on Mr. Clark
to whom I  I have written
to day and if every thing is
right bring the boy along with
you if you are coming out
       Let me hear what your purposes
          Truly Yours,
               J.P. Usher

   Letter from J?P. Usher c/ anser
   En closed Oct 18.1872



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