Chester Adams Letters


Letter from J. P. Usher
to Chester Adams

April 23, 1872

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                          Terre Haute, Ind
                           April 23 1872

Mr Chester Adams

                     Dear Sir: will you
please advise me whether my
taxes were found and the
amount. Did the [?]
Daily [?] $50 into the Bank
upon his visit? If he did
not and will not buy wish
him leave the [?]
     When I saw you at home
you thought you would
[soon?] be at libility to come
west- How is that- can you
come? I want you with
the boys for a couple of
years at least-: To teach
them how to econmize and
take care of the property in
their hands—and with you



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  were home now. What do you
say can you come, I think
you would be pleased
with the business and the
county—If you can come
write me directly and say
when—also let me know
about the taxes—If you
can come See if you can
find a ook—somebody to
take care of the business

   Write as soon as you can


                                 J. P.Usher



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