Terre Haute History Scrapbooks
Dates:  1922-1956
Accession Number:  20071009B
Donor: Jane Hazledine
Description:  Seven file folders in a document case

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection consists of photocopies of articles from various Terre Haute newspapers.  The articles were put into scrapbooks by local teacher Ethel Bossom.  Most of the articles concentrate on 19th century Terre Haute but there are a few articles about developments in the first half of the 20th century.  Most of the clipped articles do not provide the name of the newspaper, the publication date or page numbers. Dates of “coverage” were taken from tables of contents preceding the sections of the scrapbook. 

The articles were written primarily by S. W. Snively, Anna Bowles Wiley and A. R. Markle. Snively and Wiley were local journalists and Markle was an amateur historian and descendant of a family which helped found Terre Haute.

The scrapbooks were donated to the Library by Jane Hazledine, were later microfilmed and are available in the Special Collections Department of the Library as Terre Haute: two Markle scrapbooks (SpC 977.245 T) in the online catalog. 

Document Case





Folder 1

“What Terre Hauteans Read in Newspapers  40 Years Ago”.  Articles written by S.W. Snively. (pp. 1-50)





Folder 2

“Turning the Leaves of an Old Album”.  Articles written
  by Anna Bowles Wiley ( Section A, pp. 1-26)





Folder 3

“Turning the Leaves of an Old Album”.  Articles
  written by Anna Bowles Wiley (Section B, pp. 27-61)





Folder 4

Articles written by A. R. Markle (no series title).
  (Section A, pp. 1-34)





Folder 5

Articles primarily written by A. R. Markle but also
  includes articles by Snavely, Wiley and others.
  (Section B,  pp. 34-81)





Folder 6

“When Terre Haute was Young”. Articles written by
  A. R. Markle   (pp. 1-39)





Folder 7

Authors mostly unidentified (pp. 1-21)