United States Bicentennial--Vigo County, Indiana
Dates: 1973-1976
Accession Number: 800609
Donor: Frances Boyd (VCPL)
Description: One document case

Content and Scope of Collection

In this collection are the significant local materials of the United States Bicentennial. Included are cassette tapes of Indiana State University sessions entitled "Fiction or Facts:" and Bicentennial committee meetings.

Beginning in 1973 and continuing up to1976 is a file containing the Vigo County chairman's correspondence. There are files pertaining to programs, events, news articles, and committee reports. Also included are samples of promotional material.


T-1 Monthly meeting of the American Revolution Bicentennial Committee
                of Vigo County. 1/8/76

T-2 Meeting of the Grand Finale Committee of the Bicentennial Local 1/6/76

T-3 Indiana State University-"Fiction and Fact" Conference Part I 10/13/76

T-4 Indiana State University-"Fiction and Fact" Conference Part II 10/13/76


Case 1

Folder 1             Bicentennial Local Steering Committee Report

Folder 2             Correspondence File 1973-1976

Folder 3             Vigo County Bell Emblem Quotation

Folder 4             News articles and events for the local Bicentennial

Folder 5             Programs and local events bulletins

Folder 6             Vigo County Library material direct toward the promotion
                                                    of the Bicentennial locally

Folder 7             Local Peoples correspondence

Folder 8             Sample of Promotional Bicentennial Products

Folder 9             Material directed toward the state of Indiana's activities