St. Anthony Hospital Newsletters
Dates: 1965-1968, 1972-1976
Accession Number: 20030704A
Donor: St. Anthony's Hospital
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St. Anthony's Hospital (present-day Terre Haute Regional Hospital) was founded in the early 1880s with the financial support of Antonia Hulman.

The "first" St. Anthony's Hospital was a two-story brick house on the corner of North Second and Mulberry Streets in 1882. The as yet unnamed hospital was supported financially by Antonia Hulman and managed by two Franciscan nuns. A year later, Antonia Hulman became terminally ill and asked her husband, Herman Hulman, Sr., to continue financial support of the hospital after her death.

In 1883, with the two-story building at N. 2nd and Mulberry Streets able to house 18 patients at one time, Herman Hulman, Sr. bought a building at S. 6th and Farrington Streets formerly occupied by the defunct Saint Agnes' Academy. The building was refurbished and was named St. Anthony's Hospital in memory of Antonia Hulman's patron saint. When the hospital opened in its new location on January 1, 1884, there were 24 private rooms and a public ward serving the needs of 57 patients.

St. Anthony's Hospital expanded many times over the next several decades. A west wing was built in 1901, a north wing was added in 1909, and a south wing was added in 1922. During this period the original St. Agnes' Academy building was reno-vated into a nurses' dormitory and the third and fourth floors of the west wing were rebuilt. St. Anthony's Hospital engaged in its last expansion project in the 1950s, participating with Union Hospital in the United Hospital Project.

At its peak, St. Anthony's Hospital had 28 Franciscan nuns on its staff throughout the hospital. By the 1970s, two developments led to the purchase of St. Anthony's Hospital by the Hospital Corporation of America. First, the number of Franciscan nuns interested in a health-care career was declining. Then, the hospital commissioned a facility study which concluded that the aging facility would have to be replaced by 1985 in order to meet current technological standards. The Franciscans determined that funding the needed upgrades exceeded their current financial capabilities and began to negotiate with the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) to purchase the facility.

The Hospital Corporation of America purchased St. Anthony's Hospital in 1975 and immediately began building a new state-of-the-art facility that would address the concerns of the earlier facility study. In 1979, the 96-year-old facilty at S. 6th and Farrington was replaced by a modern five-story hospital complex at 3901 S. 7th Street.

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection consists of an incomplete series of monthly newsletters published by St. Anthony's Hospital from 1972 to 1975. This collection was generated from holdings in the Community Affairs File of the Special Collections Department and continues in the Terre Haute Regional Hospital Newsletters collection (Accession Number 20030704B).

The newsletters contain articles about procedural changes and personnel changes in the hospital; announcements of upcoming professional education classes; conference attendance; departmental news and profiles; letters from appreciative former patients and articles about patient feedback; and a suggestion box column.

The newsletters also present updates on the facility study that provided the basis for the hospital's eventual purchase by the Hospital Corporation of America.

Of particular importance is the Monitor for February 1975. This issue provides information on the transition from management by the Franciscan religious order to management by the Health Corporation of America. Subsequent issues contain several news items about the transition in ownership.

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