Tuell Estate Papers
Dates: 1855-1903
Accession Number: 850923C
Donor: Unknown
Description: One flat storage box

Content and Scope of Collection

William B. Tuell was born August 18, 1826 and died December 2, 1883. He was a prominent Terre Haute businessman, starting out in the dry goods business in 1844. With W. R. McKeen and Josephus Collett, he later bought what came to be known as the Terre Haute and Southeastern Railroad. The line was extended to Worthington. Tuell was also active in real estate, oil and the lumber business.

The papers in this collection pertain to Tuell's interests in real estate, the railroad and to the disposal of properties by him and his heirs. Names of leading citizens appear in the documents: M. D. Topping, Arthur Deming, George Ripley, Crawford Fairbanks and Samuel Gookins, to mention a few.

The documents and other items are stored flat and unsorted.