Joseph Jenckes Collection
Dates: 1839-1877
Donor: Unknown
Accession Number: 790727A
Description: Thirteen file folders in a document case


Born April 24, 1804 in Providence, Rhode Island, Joseph Sherburne Jenckes attended Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, studied law, and graduated from Brown University in 1824. He moved to Indiana (Vigo County) in 1827 where he purchased several tracts of land near Terre Haute. He married Isabella Greene in 1833 and they are noted to have had 5 children.

Jenckes had several occupations in his lifetime: teacher; farmer; lawyer; cashier at the Terre Haute branch, State Bank of Indiana; Vigo County probate judge, 1837-38. Politically, he was affiliated with the Whig party and served in the State House of Representatives of the Indiana General Assembly for two terms (1839-40; 1840-41). He died in Terre Haute, Indiana, on June 28, 1888 at the age of eighty-four. [Source: A Biographical Directory of the Indiana General Assembly, Volume 1]

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection contains autobiographical material in the form of journal notes. Folders 1-3 contain journal notes which have been transcribed and catalogued as a notebook in Special Collections (SpC BJ412 G. C.): Joseph S. Jenckes' The Hills.

Document Case





Folder 1

Journal notes: Table of Contents  pages 1-70

1839-1865; 1867


Folder 2

Journal notes: pages 71148

1839-1865; 1867


Folder 3

Journal notes: pages 149210

1839-1865; 1867




Folder 4

Day Book: pages 1 - 60

Dec. 1867;
Sept. 1864-Nov. 1867


Folder 5

Day Book: pages 61 - 140

Dec. 1867;
Sept. 1864-Nov. 1867


Folder 6

Day Book: pages 141 - 210

Dec. 1867;
Sept. 1864-Nov. 1867


Folder 7

Day Book: pages 211 -264

Dec. 1867;
Sept. 1864-Nov. 1867




Folders 8-10

Day Book "M"

June 1, 1869-Nov. 8, 1971




Folders 11-13

Day Book "P"

Oct. 16, 1876-Oct. 1877