Harrison Papers
Dates: 1881-1975
Accession Number: 861107C
Donor: Unknown
Description: Seven file folders in a document case

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection was generated from random materials in the Archives and Community Affairs File which pertained to the Harrison family. Four generations are represented: William Henry Harrison (1773-1841), 9th president and first governor of the Indiana Territory; John Scott Harrison (1804-1878), former U. S. Congressman; Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901), 23rd president; and Russell B. Harrison (1854-1936), veteran of the Spanish-American War and former member of the Indiana General Assembly.

Items included are a few original photographs and letters, copies of correspondence, and newspaper clippings. Also, represented in the collection are secondary source material on the grave robbing of John Scott Harrison and items relating to various Harrison memorials. The original papers of the William Henry Harrison Trail Commission are included. This commission was organized in the 1950s to commemorate Harrison and his army and to reconstruct their route from Vincennes to the site of the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811.

Document Case





Folder 1

The Harrison Mansion - booklet






Maps of Harrison Purchase 1809





Folder 2

William Henry Harrison Trail Commission - correspondence regarding legislation in the General Assembly





Folder 3

Trail Commission - correspondence, minutes, membership list





Folder 4

John Scott Harrison - pamphlet and clippings on grave robbery





Folder 5

Benjamin Harrison correspondence, 1886-1893 (transcribed copies)





Folder 6

Original photographs:
  Benjamin Harrison;
  Caroline Scott Harrison (wife)






Benjamin Harrison's funeral - clipping






Benjamin Harrison Memorial

1945, 1976




Folder 7

Russell B. Harrison - original letters

1889; n.d.





Correspondence, 1881-1896 (photocopies)







n.d.; 1952