Miller Davis, Jr. Collection
Dates:  ca. 1940s
Accession Number:  Sm. D.C. 37A
Description:  Six file folders in a document case


Born in 1922, Miller Davis, Junior was the son of Miller and Cecilia (Reagan) Davis.  The elder Davis was City Attorney of Terre Haute from 1923 to 1930.  The younger Davis attended Wabash College with a major in English and a minor in journalism. He was the assistant editor of the college newspaper and covered local collegiate sports for newspapers in unnamed larger cities. 

Davis enlisted in the Army in July, 1942.  He was assigned to the Public Relations Section of the 13th Army Air Force as a public relations officer.  By 1945 he was serving in the 967th Army Air Force Gun Battalion and had requested transfer to the Information & Education Section, United States Army Forces, Far East (USAFFE).  The transfer was requested with the intention of working for “Yank”, a military newspaper.  Besides general news, the magazine also featured pictures of women which soldiers could pin up in their quarters, hence the name “pin-up girl”.  

During the war Davis met Meryon Mitchell and the two apparently fell in love. Davis mentions his feelings for Mitchell several times in a letter to her in this collection. The collection contains at least one and perhaps two pictures of Mitchell in addition to Mitchell's identification photo in a booklet addressed to Miller Davis Jr.'s father's residence in Indianapolis, Indiana.

It is unclear whether their relationship continued after World War II.  No information could be found on Meryon Mitchell and very little information could be found on Miller Davis, Jr. after World War II.  An obituary for his father in 1948 mentions that Miller Davis, Jr. was living in Chicago but there is no mention of his being married.  A search for Miller Davis on the Internet found a 71-year old with that name dying in Florida in 1993.

Content and Scope of Collection

The items in this collection include a letter, military documents, a manuscript, a nautical map and several photographs.  All items are from the World War II era.

Document Case





Folder 1

Letter from Miller Davis, Jr. to Meryon S. Mitchell

Dec. 4, 1945




Folder 2

Request for military transfer of Miller Davis, Jr.

April 19, 1945




Folder 3

War Department Identification card for
  Meryon S  Mitchell






Photograph:  Meryon Mitchell in civilian clothes






Photograph:  Meryon Mitchell (?) in uniform






Photograph:  Glamour girl/pin-up girl in her lingerie






Publicity photograph:  Rosaria Candeloro  (opera singer)





Folder 4

“The Solomon Islands Today, Chapter VII:  The White Man's Share of the Solomons” (partial manuscript)





Folder 5

Nautical map of the Solomon Islands (?)





Folder 6

Nautical map of the Solomon Islands (?)