James R. Davis Papers
Dates:  1940s
Accession Number:  Sm. D.C. 36C
Description: 2 file folders in a small document case
Donor:  Judy Calvert


James R. “Dick” Davis was born March 23, 1926 to Ben H. and Mildred Humphrey Davis.  He graduated from Garfield High School in 1944.  According to his obituary, Davis served in the Air Force and was also a surgical supply salesman.  He married Sarah Feuerstein in 1948 and had two sons and a daughter. 

James R. Davis died in Terre Haute on March 21, 2002 and is buried at Roselawn Memorial Park.

Content and Scope of Collection 

This collection consists of 5 items that belonged to James Richard Davis. 

The first item is a report card of the first semester of the 1941-1942 school year for “James Richard Davis”.  The card is signed by Mrs. B. H. Davis. 

The second item is an autograph booklet titled “Memories of my Senior Year” with the name “Dick Davis” written in pencil inside the booklet.   There are other names throughout the book under “Senior Pals”, “Faculty Frans”, “Athletes and Stuff” and “Underclassmen”.  These individuals' photographs are in Garfield High School yearbooks of that era. 

The last three items are letters from “Mom” and “Dad” to “Dick” in September 1944.  The letters allude to his serving in the military during World War II, mentioning the “air corps” and “gunners”.  There is no mention of where Davis was trained or served.

Small Document Case





Folder 1

Report card for James Richard Davis
  for the 1941-1942 school year






“Memories of my Senior Year”





Folder 2

Letter from “Mom” and “Dad”
  to “Dick”

Sept. 6, 1944





Letter from “Mom” and “Dad”
  to “Dick”

Sept. 9, 1944





Letter from “Mom” and “Dad”
  to “Dick”

Sept. 26, 1944