Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Memorabilia
Dates: 1940-1950
Accession Number:  20080124D
Description:  Seven file folders in a document case 

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection consists of publications of St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, a private women's college in St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana.  The publications include course bulletins, commencement programs, and programs for dramatic and musical recitals.

St. Mary-of-the-Woods College was founded in 1840 by Mother Theodore Guerin and 5 other nuns from the Sisters of Providence, a French religious order.

Document Case





Folder 1

Guide to St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana
  (Guide to the college's centennial exhibit)






Brochure, St. Mary-of-the-Woods College






Bulletin, Summer Session






Bulletin, Summer Session






The Hand of Providence, by Rev. John
  F. McShane (booklet describing the efforts
  of the Sisters of Providence during the Civil War)






Student Government Association -
  Installation of officers

May 29, 1949





Alumnae Reunion

June 4-8, 1949




Folder 2

Commencement programs

1944-1946, 1949




Folder 3

Cum Angelis: A Play Based on the Life
  of Mother Theodore
(presented by
  the novices and postulants of 1940)

July 16, 1940





Centenary Days: Program of Events

Oct. 20-22, 1940





Alumnae Musicale

Oct. 21, 1940





The White Cross of Gladness:  A Pageant
  Commemorating the Foundation of the
  Sisters of Providence in the United States

Oct. 22, 1940




Folder 4

Camerata, 1895-1945 (program commemorating
  the fiftieth anniversary of the Camerata Club)

Nov. 18, 1945





Christmas recital

Dec. 12, 1945





Solveig Lunde, pianist

Feb. 6, 1946





Sanroma, pianist

March 22, 1946





Queen of Heaven, a cantata (presented by
  the Cecilians and the Glee Club)






Student recital

April 3, 1946





Spring recital

April 10, 1946





Recital:  Helen Smith, violinist; Jeanne Walker, accompanist

April 14, 1946





Recital:  Desi Halban, soprano

April 29, 1946





The Women Have Their Way  (playwrights:
  Serafin and Joaquin Alvarez Quintero;
  presented by the Speech Department)

May 1, 1946





Senior recital:  Therese Jordan, Jane Matthews,
  Hazel McHugh, Margaret Clare Miller,
  Betty Schmadel, Marie Zeilstra

May 15, 1946





Class Night, 1946

June 3, 1946




Folder 5

The Living Way of the Cross (presented by the
  Sodality of Our Lady and the Player's Club)

March 21, 1948


Novitiate Program

July 2, 1948





Earle Spicer, baritone

Oct. 4, 1948





Concert (on Feast Day of St. Ann)

July 1948





Indianapolis Symphonietta

Nov. 4, 1948





Sacred concert in honor of St. Cecelia

Nov. 22, 1948





Concert (presented by the Sinfonietta and the
  Glee Club)

Dec. 1, 1948





Christmas Cantata in honor of the Christ child
  (presented by the Cecilians and the Glee Club)

Dec. 13, 1948




Folder 6

Invitation: Twelfth Night coronation

Jan. 12, 1949





Advertisement brochure:  lecturer Henry C. Wolfe, expert on foreign affairs

Winter 1949





Leonard Pennario, pianist

Feb. 7, 1949





Dance recital:  Virginia Lee Guernsey; directed by
  Mary Long Hanlon

Feb. 25, 1949





Senior recital:  Mary June Carter, Mary Jo Gamble,
   Joan Marie Nelson

March 5, 1949





Symphony concert (presented by the
  Camerata Club)

March 8, 1949





Senior recital:  Rita Marie Klein

March 19, 1949





Lady of Fatima (playwright:  Nagle; presented
  by the Sodality of Our Lady and the Player's

March 27, 1949





Piano recital:  Mary Olga Braun

April 2, 1949





Concert (presented by the Camerata Club)

April 5, 1949





American Quintet of Indiana University

April 27, 1949





Senior recital:  Patricia Anne Abowd

April 30, 1949





Concert (presented by the Camerata Club)

May 4, 1949





Trojan Women (playwright: Euripedes;
  presented by the Speech and Drama Department)

May 14, 1949




Folder 7

Dramatic lecture: “Heroines of Shakespeare”
  (selections performed by Marianna Wintz
    and Margaret O'Donnell)

May 20, 1949





May Day (directed by Thelma M. Basham)

May 21, 1949





Recital:  Jeanne Knoerle and Lois Frances Patton

May 21, 1949





Dramatic recital:  Mary Dunn and
  Catherine Simonaitis

May 28, 1949





Golden Jubilee program

July 16, 1949






July 24, 1949





Tribute to Reverend Mother Marie Helene

July 31, 1949





Foundation Day (2 items)

1949; n.d.





[Fredric] Chopin Memorial Program

Oct. 26, 1949





Robert Brink, violinist

Nov. 3, 1949





Noah (playwright:  Andre Obey)

Nov. 9, 1949





Christmas recital (2 copies)

Dec. 7, 1949





Born in Bethlehem (play presented by the Speech
  and Drama Department)

Dec. 17, 1949





Dramatic recitals:  Joan Smith and Phyllis
  Kempf  in An Evening with Two Queens
(selections from two plays)

May 19, 1950





Benoni (Christmas play; presented by the
  Commercial Girls)