St. Mark United Church of Christ Newsletters
Dates: 1994-1996; 2000-
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Donor: St. Mark United Church of Christ
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The St. Mark United Church of Christ was organized in 1957 through the merger of three churches: the Zion Reformed Church; St. Paul's Church; and the Bethany Evangelical and Reformed Church.

Zion Reformed Church

The Zion Reformed Church was originally organized in the 1840s as the "United German Evangelical, Lutheran and Reformed Church". The title reflected the harmony among the Evangelical, Lutheran, and Reformed religious faiths that had agreed to establish a common church while traveling overseas to Terre Haute from present-day Germany. The congregation held religious services in the original Vigo County courthouse from the 1840s until their first church was built in 1855 at 420 S. 4th Street.

In 1857, differences arose over church ritual between the Reformed and Lutheran members of the church. The Lutherans and the Evangelists left the United German Evangelical, Lutheran and Reformed Church and established what later became known as the Immanuel Lutheran Church.

The remaining Reformed members reorganized as the Zion Reformed Church. In 1890, the congregation bought land at 8th and Ohio Streets from Herman Hulman, Sr. A church was dedicated on August 30, 1891 and the congregation remained at that location until 1957.

St. Paul's Church

In 1887, the Evangelical members who had helped establish the Immanuel Lutheran Church left that church to form "The German Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church" which was more commonly known as St. Paul's Church. The congregation of St. Paul's met first in a building on Walnut Street and later on 14th Street until the completion of their new church at 12th and Eagle Streets. The congregation held services at that location until 1957.

Bethany Evangelical and Reformed Church

The Bethany Evangelical and Reformed Church was established in November 1912. The congregation built a church at 37th and Tippecanoe Streets which was dedicated in June 1914. This particular church was established to meet the needs of congregants who lived in the northeast section of Terre Haute. Services were held at this location until 1957.

St. Mark United Church of Christ

In April 1956, the congregations of the Zion Reformed Church, St. Paul's Church and Bethany Evangelical and Reformed Church each held separate ballots on merging into a new church. Each of the three congregations voted overwhelmingly in favor of merging under the name of St. Mark United Church of Christ. The newly merged congregation built a church at its present location, 475 S. Fruitridge Avenue, and has held religious services there since 1957.

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection consists of an incomplete series of newsletters of the St Mark United Church of Christ from 1994 to 1996 and from 2000 to the present.

The newsletters contain inspirational messages from the minister; notice of upcoming events in narrative and calendar form; summaries of meetings for the Consistory (the church's governing board), the Board of Christian Education, and the Women's Afternoon Fellowship group. The newsletters also contain schedules of religious services; thank you notes and memorial contributions; and financial reports.

Document Case

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"The Tidings"


"Tidings of Peace"


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"Tidings of Peace"

Jan. 2001-Nov. 2001

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"Tidings of Peace"

Dec. 2001-May 2002

Folder 4

"Tidings of Peace"

July 2002-Oct. 2002;
Dec. 2002

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"Tidings of Peace"


Folder 6 "Tidings of Peace" 2004
Folder 7 "Tidings of Peace" 2005
Folder 8 "Tidings of Peace" 2006
Folder 9 "Tidings of Peace" 2007
Folder 10 "Tidings of Peace" 2008
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