Churches and Missions of Vigo County - Photographs
Dates:  ca. 1920s-1930s
Accession Number:  20050620
Donor:  Dorothy Clark
Description:  Twenty-two file folders in a document case
                                (63 photographs)

Content and Scope of Collection 

These photographs of churches and religious missions in Terre Haute were given to the Vigo County Public Library in a box labeled “Martin Collection, Terre Haute Churches” and “Mrs. Dorothy Clark, Vigo County Historian” along with her address.   

These photographs were taken by the Martin Photo Shop, formerly at 681 1/2 Wabash Avenue. Church names and addresses are identified on the front of the photographs for all but four of the buildings.  This information is duplicated on the back of the photographs along with page numbers.  It is unclear whether the pages are from a scrapbook or were intended for publication in a book.  There are no dates provided for any of the photographs but some of the photographs show 1920s-era automobiles.           

All but one of the church names correspond with entries in 1920s-era Terre Haute City Directories.  The one exception is the Holiness Christian Mission (Folder 18), located at 20th & Hulman.  The only building listed at 20th & Hulman in the city directories of the 1920s is a Pilgrim Holiness Church which is found listed under the “Missions” section.   

There are two photographs with similar addresses for a church under the Church of Christ denomination, one identified as “5th Street & McKeen” and the other identified as “S. 5th Street & McKeen”.  The accuracy of the information for the second picture has been corroborated by residents of the area.  It is possible that the church in the “5th Street” picture might have been the original church there but residents do not remember seeing that building at that location.  However, city directories for Terre Haute during the 1920s and 1930s contain several listings for “Church of Christ” churches so it may be one of those since the church in the picture does have a sign saying “Church of Christ”.    

Document Case 





Folder 1


First Baptist Church
  (S. 6th Street)






Free Baptist Church
  (13th Street and Franklin Avenue)






Greenwood Primitive Baptist Church
  (Dillman & Demorest Streets)






Highland Missionary Baptist
  (12 ½ & Carl Avenue)






Poplar Street Baptist Church
  (14 ½ & Poplar Streets)






Tabernacle Baptist Church
  (8th Street & 5th Avenue)





Folder 2


St. Ann's Catholic Church
  (14th & Locust Streets)






St. Benedict's Catholic Church
  (South 9th Street)






St. Joseph's Catholic Church
  (South 5th Street)






St. Patrick's Catholic Church
  (Poplar Avenue & 13th Street)





Folder 3


Central Christian Church
  (7th & Mulberry Streets)






Dean Street Christian Church
  (26th & Dean Streets)






Maple Avenue Christian Church
  (13th & Maple Streets)






Second Christian Church
  (4th Street & Eighth Avenue)





Folder 4

Church of Christ

Church of Christ
  (S. 5th & McKeen)






Church of Christ
  (5th & McKeen, possibly an error in
      the identification of the address)






Church of God and Saints of Christ
(22nd & Spruce)





Folder 5

Congregational Church

First Congregational Church
  (Ohio Street & Spectator Court)






Plymouth Congregational Church
  (17th & Sycamore Streets)





Folder 6

Eastern Orthodox 

Rumanian Catholic Church
  (3rd Avenue & 25th Street)





Folder 7


St. Luke's Episcopal Church
  (10th Street & College Avenue)






St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
  (7th & Eagle Streets)





Folder 8


Immanuel United Evangelical Church
  (7th & Locust Streets)






Kent Avenue Evangelical Church
  (Kent Avenue & Chestnut Street)






St. Paul Evangelical Church
  (12th & Eagle Streets)





Folder 9


Temple Abraham
  (12th & Mulberry Streets)






Temple Israel
  (South 6th Street)





Folder 10


Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
  (14th & Walnut Streets)






Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church
  (6th & Poplar Streets, present-day
      Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church)





Folder 11

Methodist/Methodist Episcopal

Allen Chapel A.M. E.
  (3rd & Farrington Streets)






Calvary Methodist Church
  (5th & Mulberry Streets)






Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church
  (North 7th Street)






Colored Methodist Episcopal Mission
  (27th Street & 5th Avenue)






First Methodist Church
  (11th & Washington Streets)





Folder 12

First Methodist Episcopal Church, South
  (11th Street & Washington Avenue)






Free Methodist Church
  (Walnut Street)






Grace Methodist Episcopal Church
  (4th & Willow)






Liberty Avenue Methodist
  Episcopal Church
  (23rd & Liberty)






Maple Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church
  (12th Street & Maple Avenue)





Folder 13

Methodist Episcopal Church
  (7th and Poplar Streets)






Montrose Church
  (17th Street & College Avenue)






Saulters Methodist Episcopal Church
  (13 ½ & Franklin)






Saulter's Chapel






Trinity Methodist Church
  (3rd Avenue & 14th Street)





Folder 14

Presbyterian Church 

Central Presbyterian Church
  (7th & Mulberry)






Washington Avenue Presbyterian Church
  (6th Street & Washington Avenue)






Westminster Presbyterian Church
  (22nd Street & Wabash Avenue)





Folder 15


Bethany Reformed Church
  (37th & Tippecanoe)






Zion Reform Church
  (8th Street & Ohio Blvd)





Folder 16

Seventh Day Adventist 

Seventh Day Adventist Church
  (4th & College)





Folder 17

United Brethren 

Barbour Avenue United Brethren Church
  (Barbour Avenue & 14th Street)






First United Brethren Church
  (14th & Chestnut Streets)






Fort Harrison Chapel, United Brethren
  (8th & Fort Harrison)






Second Avenue United Brethren Church
  (2nd Avenue & 23rd  Street)






United Brethren Third Church
  (3rd & Grant Streets)





Folder 18


Holiness Christian Mission
  (20th & Hulman)





Folder 19

Light House Mission
  (Ohio Street)





Folder 20

Salvation Army
  (33 S. 5th Street)





Folder 21

Volunteers of America
  (North 4th Street)





Folder 22

Unidentified (4 photographs)