Central Presbyterian Church Newsletters
Dates: 1994-1996
Accession Number: 20030601A
Donor: Unknown
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The Central Presbyterian Church, presently located at the corner of S. 7th and Mulberry Streets, was created through the union of two churches: the First Presbyterian Church and the Second (Baldwin) Presbyterian Church.

Reverend David Monfort conducted the First Presbyterian Church's first religious services in the original Vigo County courthouse on May 17, 1828. By 1834, several members, led by Rev. Michael Hummer, left to form a Congregational church on the northwest corner of Fifth and Walnut Streets. Under the leadership of Rev. Matthew Wallace, the remaining Presbyterians built a permanent church at the northwest corner of Fifth and Poplar Streets. By 1865, the First Presbyterian congregation was located at the southeast corner of Seventh and Mulberry Streets (125 N. 7th Street).

The Second Presbyterian Church was organized as the Baldwin Presbyterian Church on December 31, 1848 at the southeast corner of Third and Ohio Streets. The congregation later moved to a Christian Church at the southeast corner of Fifth and Ohio Streets. The church changed its name to Second Presbyterian Church in January 1868.

In 1865, the congregations of the First Presbyterian Church and the Second Presbyterian Church began to discuss the merger of their two churches. These discussions finally came to fruition in December 1879 when the two congregations formed Central Presbyterian Church. The Second Presbyterian Church congregation joined the First Presbyterian Church congregation at Seventh and Mulberry Streets, the site of its present location (June 2003).

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection consists of an incomplete series of newsletters issued on a biweekly basis by the Central Presbyterian Church from 1994 to 1996. The bulk of the newsletters were issued in 1995. This collection was generated from holdings in the Community Affairs File of the Special Collections Department.

The newsletters include inspirational messages from church pastors; schedules for church services; notices of future church activities; summaries of recent activities; updates from various Central Presbyterian Church groups; updates on the retirement of a long-time pastor and the search processes for an interim pastor and a permanent pastor; calendars of events; and thank-you notes for acts of kindness.

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Folder 1

"The Central Presbyterian Church Herald"

Aug. 1994-
Feb. 1995




Folder 2

"The Central Presbyterian Church Herald"

March 1995-
June 1995;
Nov.-Dec. 1995
Aug. 1996