Whitcomb Account Book
Dates: 1855-1856
Accession Number: 800615C
Description: Two flat storage boxes

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection contains a business ledger book which has its cover removed and the pages are stored flat in acid-free folders. It is an account book from what seems to be a general store and it lists customers, goods purchased, price and total amount due.

It was labelled the Whitcomb Account Book collection by the archivist Lois Harris who organized the ledger pages. However, no name of ownership is with the collection and there is no donor information (perhaps the Whitcomb name was on the cover of the ledger which has since been discarded). Also, there is no indication from the ledger where the store was located, but names in the book may give clues to the location. (For example: John R. Whitcomb is listed in the ledger; and a John R. Whitcomb lived in Clinton, Indiana in 1850--see "Whitcomb" Genealogy Surname File in SpC) However, more names would have to be researched before location can be determined.