Juliet Peddle Prints
Dates: 1999
Accession Number: 971020B
Description: One flat storage box


Terre Haute native Juliet Peddle (1899-1979) became the second woman to graduate from the University of Michigan School of Architecture. Although employed for a time with an architectural firm in Chicago, Peddle returned to Terre Haute and eventually opened her own office in 1939 which she ran for more than thirty years. Some of the local buildings designed by her include the Medicenter Building on east Poplar, the Social Security Building in Meadows Shopping Center, and the Crawford School.

For an extensive biography, see Juliet Peddle of Terre Haute: The Architect, The Historian, and Her City, 1899-1979 by Harriet M. Caplow, Joyce Lakey Shanks, Edward Kenneth Spann, and Helene C. Steppe.

History of the Peddle Sketches

Juliet Peddle's interest in architecture and local history led her to do a research project concerning historic buildings and houses for the Vigo County Historical Society. By 1940, she developed an idea for a series of newspaper articles on local historic buildings to enlighten the community about structures which had either been altered or completely removed. She decided to limit the scope of her series to buildings built before the Civil War in order to recreate Terre Haute in an earlier era of growth and prosperity.

The Terre Haute Tribune-Star published the series on historic buildings each week in the Sunday edition beginning on January 26, 1941 until April 1942. Juliet Peddle included a detailed sketch of each building based on her study of old photographs, drawings, descriptions and contractors' specifications as well as interviews with Terre Haute residents. The series focused primarily on historic houses but also included some commercial structures and public buildings. Along with the drawing, Peddle included a brief history of the structure and its owners. (See "Historic Houses" file in the CAF--Archives for the original newspaper clippings of the Peddle series.)


Content and Scope of the Collection

This collection contains four prints from the Juliet Peddle series of sketches on historic buildings which were first published in the Terre Haute Tribune-Star. These four prints (Asbury Chapel, G.A.R. Memorial Hall, Herman Hulman House, and Preston House) were issued in March 1999 by the Terre Haute Landmarks Inc. as a limited edition of 250 prints of each of the four drawings.

Terre Haute architect Shelton Hannig acquired the original Juliet Peddle sketches from the Peddle estate. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is the current owner of the sketches and has granted the Terre Haute Landmarks Inc. exclusive permission to issue these prints.

Flat Storage Box



Folder 1

Description and history of the four buildings:

Asbury Chapel
Preston House
Herman Hulman House
G.A.R. Memorial Hall



Folder 2

Print: Asbury Chapel



Folder 3

Print: G.A.R. Memorial Hall



Folder 4

Print: Herman Hulman House



Folder 5

Print: Preston House