Art Work of Terre Haute, Indiana
Date: 1907
Accession Number: 900424M
Description: One flat storage box

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection contains a complete set of Art Work of Terre Haute, Indiana. Published in nine parts. Chicago: Gravure Illustration Company, 1907.

This nine-part series primarily contains published photographs of local buildings and scenery.  An attempt has been made to restore the pages to their original order and to use the names from the original volumes for the photographic descriptions listed in this inventory.  For example, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is called “Saint Mary's of the Woods” in the text.  The word “text” in the inventory denotes narrative passages.  Residential addresses were obtained from the 1907 Terre Haute City Directory and are included parenthetically.

Also included in the collection is the green portfolio cover "Terre Haute, Indiana," which encased the nine booklets. A complete set of this publication (without covers) is also catalogued in Special Collections (SpC 977.245A G.C.).

Flat Storage

Folder 1: Part 1

        Page 1: Title page

        Page 2: Scene on the Wabash

        Text page 1

        Page 3: A View of the Wabash

        Page 4: Entrance and scene in Highland Lawn Cemetery

        Page 5: Indiana State Normal School

        Page 6: Residence of W.E. Ely ("Walter C. Ely," southwest corner of
                                                          Wabash & Fruitridge Ave.)
                       Residence of Geo. C. Foulkes (1139 S. Center)

        Page 7: In Forest Park

        Page 8: Scene from Country Club
                       Clam Fishing--Wabash River

        Page 9: St. Mary's of the Woods - Vigo County, Indiana

        Page 10: Text page 2


Folder 2: Part 2

        Page 1: Scene at St. Mary's of the Woods - Vigo County, Indiana

        Page 2: Interior Emeline Fairbanks Memorial Library

        Page 3: Scenes on the Wabash

        Page 4: Residence of Jay H. Keyes (723 S. 6th)   
                       Residence of Frank McKeen (705 S. 5th)

        Page 5: The Lake--Forest Park

        Page 6: Deming School
                       W.S. Rea School

        Page 7: Text page 3

        Page 8: Text page 4


Folder 3: Part 3    

        Page 1: Scene on the Wabash

        Page 2: Residence of E.H. Bindley (618 S. 6th)
                       Residence of Willard Kidder (456 N. Center)

        Page 3: The Chapel--St. Mary's of the Woods-- Vigo County, Indiana

        Page 4: Phoenix Club
                       Rose Orphan Home

        Page 5: Union Depot

        Page 6: The Lake--St. Mary's of the Woods-- Vigo County, Indiana
                       The Woodland--St. Mary's of theWoods--Vigo County, Indiana

        Page 7: Terre Haute Trust Company Building (From Sketch)


Folder 4: Part 4

        Page 1: A View from the Country Club

        Page 2: Residence of Herman Hulman, Sr. (657 Ohio)
                       Residence of Charles Minshall (654 Cherry)

        Page 3: Emeline Fairbanks Memorial Library

        Page 4: Residence of John T. Beasley (2120 N. 10th)
                       Residence of Carl Leo Mees (2209 N. 9th)

        Page 5: Wabash River Looking North

        Page 6: Residence of Henry J. Baker ("Harry J. Baker," 1136 S. 6th)
                       Residence of Emil Froeb (1114 S. 6th)

        Page 7: Text page 5


Folder 5: Part 5

        Page 1: Scene in Forest Park

        Page 2: Residence of W.A. Hamilton (1227 S. 7th)
                       Residence of James H. Swango (1205 S. 6th)

        Page 3: The Court House

        Page 4: Site of Fort Harrison--Residence of E.E. and A. D.. Ehrmann
                       St. Mary's of the Woods - Vigo County, Indiana

        Page 5: Scene on the Wabash

        Page 6: Scene from Allendale
                       Scene at the Fair Grounds

        Page 7: Text page 6


Folder 6:  Part 6

        Page 1: The Bridge--Highland Lawn Cemetery

        Page 2: Residence of D.E. Reagan (1200 S. 6th)
                       Residence of Isaac T. Pierson (507 S. Center)

        Page 3: Centenary M.E. Church

        Page 4: Residence of Horace C. Pugh (329 S. 6th)
                       Residence of Wm. R. McKeen (221 S. 6th)

        Page 5: Rose Polytechnic Institute

        Page 6: City Park
                       Scene in Collett Park

        Page 7: Scenes from the Ehrmann Residence - Site of Fort Harrison

        Page 8: Text page 7


Folder 7: Part 7

        Page 1: The Lake--Forest Park

        Page 2: Residence of E.P. Fairbanks (429 S. 6th)
                       Residence of John S. Cox (931 S. 7th)

        Page 3: St. Benedict's German Catholic Church

        Page 4: Residence of John Luken (1600 S. 3rd)
                       Residence of Charles W. Bauermeister (503 Chestnut)

        Page 5: The Chapel--Highland Lawn Cemetery

        Page 6: Scenes at Allendale

        Page 7: First Congregational Church
                       City School

        Page 8: Text page 8


Folder 8: Part 8

        Page 1: Suspension Bridge--Forest Park

        Page 2: Residence of Dr. E.S. Niblock (1038 N. 8th)
                       Residence of Dr. Edwin B. McAllister (31 S. 13th)

        Page 3: Scene in Collett Park

        Page 4: Residence of R.B. Thompson (1225 S. 7th)
                       Residence of Dr. Charles Patton (1601 S. 6th)

        Page 5: Scene on Wabash Avenue

        Page 6: Residence of L.C. Whitney ("Lee R. Whitney," 722 S. 5th)
                       Residence of F.C. Goldsmith (602 S. 7th)

        Page 7: St. Anthony's Hospital
                       Union Hospital

        Page 8: Text page 9


Folder 9:  Part 9       

        Page 1: Looking up Stream--Forest Park

        Page 2: Residence of C.W. Nagel (1411 S. 6th)
                       Residence of R.G. Jenkes ("Ray G. Jenckes," 625 S. 6th)

        Page 3: Rose Orphan Home

        Page 4: Residence of Fred B. Smith (1504 S. 6th)
                       Residence of M.T. Hidden (823 S. 6th)

        Page 5: Government Building (Post Office)

        Page 6: Residence of W.C. Ball (1138 S. 5th)
                       Residence of Crawford Fairbanks (402 S. 6th)

        Page 7: Residence of W.H. Soale (923 S. 6th)   
                       Scene on Spring Hill Farm

        Page 8: Text page 10