White House Conference on Library and Information Service
Dates: 1978-1982
Accession Number: VCPL 1
Donor: Alice Wert
Description: Two document cases

Content and Scope of Collection

The collection contains grassroots, hearings, guidelines for a conference on libraries, reports, programs, correspondence, resolutions, publicity and photographs.

Document Case 1





Folder 1

First regional pre-White House Conference

May 1978





Grassroots hearings

May, June 1978




Folder 2

Guidelines for holding a Governor's Conference on Libraries





Folder 3

Governor's Conferences on Libraries and Information Services

Aug.-Nov. 1978





Reports and other communications from Alice Wert, Chairperson





Folder 4

The Governor's Conference: reports and programs

Aug. 11-13, 1978




Folder 5

The Governor's Conference - Official delegates, additional delegates

Aug.-Sept. 1978





Letters of congratulation on success of conference





Folder 6

The Governor's Conference - Planning Committee "Orientation of Delegates," by Alice Wert

June 1978





Conference Rules as Amended State of State's Libraries: Fact Sheet

Aug. 11, 1978




Folders 7 & 8

Post-Governor's Conference:

Correspondence-Alice Wert

Letters to White House Delegates and Alternates

Feb. 1979-Dec. 1979




Folder 9

Midwest caucus

Sept. 1979




Folder 10

White House Conference: Reports and memorabilia

Nov. 15-19, 1979




Folder 11

White House Conference: Resolutions





Folder 12

Post White House Conference Governor's Advisory Committee

Nov. 1979-Feb. 1980







Document Case 2





Folder 1

Governor's Advisory Committee

Jan.-Dec. 1980




Folder 2

Governor's Advisory Committee





Folder 3






Envelope 1






Folder 4

Publicity and Photographs





Folder 5

Governor's Certificate to Alice Wert (2)






Slides by Alice Wert of  White House Conference