In order to maintain a healthy, safe, and clean environment for both library customers and library employees, the use of tobacco and e-cigarette products is prohibited at the Vigo County Public Library (including vaping, smoking, chewing, and other tobacco use). Tobacco and e-cigarette use in library facilities or in unauthorized areas at Vigo County Public Library is strictly prohibited. All interior spaces in Vigo County Public Library buildings, including all leased facilities and library owned vehicles, are designated as tobacco and e-cigarette free.

Use of tobacco and e-cigarette products as defined above will not be permitted near exits and entrances of all library owned buildings, (designated as the Main Library and the West Terre Haute branch), except at a reasonable distance (50 feet or more) or unless otherwise designated.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Vigo County Public Library on the 21th day of September, 2015