Use Freegal to search a variety of popular music titles and music videos. Download songs and videos to your computer or other devices.

Access Freegal here:

Downloading Freegal Music on Your Desktop or Laptop:

  • Login at using your Library barcode and PIN.
  • Browse or search for music of your choice.
  • Click the "+" button of the song you wish to download and select "Download Now".
  • Items will automatically download to your browser's default download folder unless options have been set otherwise.
  • Locate the file on your computer and play in your preferred media player or move to your device with a USB connection.
  • You may download up to three songs per week. Items that you started to download and then cancelled count towards your weekly limit.

Using the Freegal Music App on Your Device

  • Download and install the Freegal Music App from iTunes or Google Play.
  • Enter your zipcode or city and state to set your location and click Go.
  • Select Vigo County Public Library from the list.
  • Login with your Library barcode and PIN.
  • Browse or search for music of your choice.
  • Click the download arrow at the right to download the song to your device.
  • To play your downloads, return to the home screen of the app.
    • Select the More option.
    • Select the My Music folder.
    • Select the Play button next to the song you wish to play.

Using Freegal Music Streaming

  • On Your Desktop or Laptop

    • To stream a single song, hover over the album art and click "Stream Now".
    • To create or add a song to a playlist:
      • Click the "+" button to access the option menu.
      • Select "Add to Playlist".
      • Select "Create New Playlist" or append the song to a pre-existing playlist.
    • To play a previously created playlist, go to My Playlists in the left sidebar and select the playlist you wish to stream.
  • On Your Device

    • From the Home screen of the Freegal Mobile App, select Playlist.
    • To create a new streaming playlist, select "Create New Playist+".
      • Select "My Streaming Playlists".
      • Enter a name for your playlist.
      • Enter search criteria for the music you would like to add to your playlist.
      • Click the checkbox for each song you wish to add to your playlist.
      • When completed click Done.
    • To stream your playlist, from the Home screen select the Playlist button.
      • Select My Streaming Playlists.
      • Select the playlist you want to stream.
      • Set Shuffle and/or Repeat options.
      • Select the Play button for the song you wish to start with.

For additional support, please see the Freegal Music FAQ.